TheSmokingTire – Mercedes SL55 AMG – (Big Tujunga) One Take

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  1. mustang4321 says:

    i would love to see what the sl65 would do over the 55

  2. Rj Albano says:

    We this, we that…

  3. Jacob Patton says:

    Tell me why I can't purchase that T-shirt subscription you put your info in and it doesnt have a button to continue little sketchy

  4. tubesurfer23 says:

    I love how you do this shit on the side and it continues to be much more fun to watch than the ones who only do these type of quick "other people's car reviews". Please keep it up, maybe one day I bring you my Sc430. You don't see alot of those lowered on coilovers with RPF1's I'm pretty sure. Cheers :)

  5. Kyle Tietjen says:

    Slight coke problem? 

  6. AxHxNJ says:

    oh snap Landon Donovan out of no where

  7. Karim nassef says:

    if you let off the throttle as you press the paddle it shifts faster

  8. Valmir Peres says:

    AMG = All Money Gone

  9. coooooooooaaaaasta  meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesa niiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssaaaaaaaannnn!!!!

  10. iTz G Banger says:

    why did my adblock not work….

  11. Gasinduced says:

    Hey Matt & The Smoking Tire team. Any change of listing a a menu of the cards you'll be testing over the next month…or several months.

  12. zhbroder says:

    farah: my friends and i tear merc apart because even in the SLS, new GLC and some other cars the STILL USE THAT STUPID DIAL PAD.

  13. KirillVL says:

    Hey Matt, I don't know if you're going to read this but if you do, I would just like to know if you drove that E34 that is seen in the beginning of the video. Love your videos by the way.

  14. TeReNo223 says:

    Wish there were more camera angles, maybe stick a few near the rear bumpers

  15. MrNuggetface says:

    Why doesn't this guy get an open source tune that changes his shift points and shift speed? Would certainly help that antiquated tranny. 

  16. supernom says:

    Excuse me Mr. Farah, why are you not wearing the AB's jacket.

  17. Zac Youngson says:

    Is that Ed Bolian's car ?

  18. omar habra says:

    one of the best guys you got. well played

  19. Naggay Anas says:

    I love the New Sl , looks are subjective :/

  20. Frank White says:

    The new SL is ugly? Are you KIDDING me Matt? Really?
    Your taste scares me sometimes…

  21. Alex Stokes says:

    The 550 looks soooo good!
    I cant believe you said its hideous..
    Id drive the fuck out of it er' day

  22. New SL look better than this generation imo

  23. Tamo Longok says:

    more mercedes !!

  24. kaiman says:

    If the owner is articulate, he is of course allowed to speak and maybe even interrupt, it should be a conversation after all. Insights from the owner are always nice. So i don't mind him talking that much. The car on the other hand is not to my liking, i really don't like the styling of these older mercedes. The grill and headlights look just bad.

  25. itastain says:

    "Its not like putting 600HP in a honda" Was that a nod to when you were in NZ and drove the EG6 with stock brakes?

  26. illec says:

    Why does he keep saying "we" when talking about the car? Is he not the owner?

  27. Toyota4Life says:

    Great car ! I always had a sweet spot for these cars.

    I do agree when I saw the new gen SL I was saying the same thing they ruined the car. It's ugly. 

  28. laservader1 says:

    New SL looks brilliant!

  29. NegerKim says:

    That guy likes to talk about "we" a lot.

    We as in "not me".

  30. EME Mafia says:

    Mate, if you ever come back to New Zealand. Make sure you come to the South Island, I'll you give you a drive of my XR8 Falcon Ute. It's pushing just over 450kw at the rear wheels, you'd love it.

  31. walperstyle says:

    Wish you had not reviewed this, I was hoping for it to drop in price another 20%.

  32. did you guys switched to 60fps? looks silky smooth now :D

  33. Such a friendly talkative guy! Makes the videos a lot more entertaining when you dont have to interrogate information out of the owner. I still wanna know why he kept saying 'we'.

  34. Bob Marley says:

    This guy uses the "royal we". "WE put a monster intercooler and upgraded exhaust". Pet peeve of mine.

  35. altern8ive says:

    @bob marley i think it's actually quite humble for the guy to use the word "we", like how do you know if he carried out the upgrade work without anybody else's help? his wheelwell points out his Merc dealer recommended tuning it … maybe they're also a big part of the work?

  36. bmwmsport11 says:

    You can get a 03 SL500 for like $20k. Probably one of the cheapest "exotic" cars out there. 

  37. KapteinFruit says:

    Hahaha, dude found the arab joke a little too funny xD 6:47

  38. iceseekerr says:

    Matt , please do tell me that the next car will be a BMW e34 m5 ? I saw it in the one take!

  39. Elephant says:

    4200lbs + 600hp+ = please brakes upgrade please!

  40. Eric S says:

    The classic GT car dilemma. Pick up the trophy wife in it, have it valeted downtown, parking lot pimp it, blow ppl a new one on the highway. But when it gets to the twisties, It's like bringing a diamond encrusted sledge hammer to a fencing match.

  41. Ricky Clutch says:

    Lol has Matt ever done a one take with a female or a black person? 

  42. Integra DIY says:

    its an old benz, makes people look cool, but actually they are just in someone elses trash 

  43. Nathan Scott says:

    He drives the car more than matt so you'd think he would know it shifts a little better using the lever, getting in Right away and saying he's just thinking that lol. just rude the way he said it!! 

  44. I hope to see a E60 M5 in a one take.

  45. t is not a bmw 4 on his shirt, it is the z3, the tennis shoe version.

  46. I totally forgot mid 2000's Benz' used those weird tiny buttons instead of actual paddles. 

  47. Xhale says:

    C63 Would be more fun for a smaller price

  48. The comment sections under One Takes are always so fucking depressing…the way most of you are so obsessed with how other people talk and the specific little words they may or may not use….jesus christ, bunch of little goddamn gossip princesses.

    Just enjoy the fucking One Take instead of trying to psycho-analyze every guest within a 10 minute window.

  49. PistolWhip says:

    Every question was when we, bought the car, when we… when we… Have YOU actually done anything.. is this even your car??

  50. supersnkae says:

    This was a great one-take. It`s always more fun when the owners are knowledgeable and talkative about their cars. More episodes like this please!

  51. Brian Vtec says:

    Matt: that was funny!!! I think it shifts faster in your head lmao!!! Good one!! Nice video man keep up the good work! 

  52. John Aggett says:

    I'm in the UK so I was wondering how the payment would work for the t- shirts if I ordered one, would it just be a case of the dollar value of the te shirt being transferred into pound value?

  53. iliovecaRS says:

    Ohhhh plzz review that e34 it's my dream car

  54. ImSpruic says:

    Where is the fox body 

  55. blackb15 says:

    Regarding the cruise control, Mercedes is bad about putting buttons & switches in the weirest places. I drove a C400 this week and it took me a little time to get used to the P, N, D, R switch being where the wiper stalk usually is.

  56. Court Cooper says:

    I wonder when "we" bought the car. $45k for an 06 SL55 today is about $15K more that "we" should pay. My guess is "we" bought the car in 2010.

  57. I'm glad the owner actually talked and participated in this One Take. he really knows his mechanics/techs and car well. so many interesting things to say! great build so far, hopefully he can find a good transmission tune and better brakes.

    ignore all the commenters talking about his speech. that's a dignified way to talk in Orange County. if you don't like it, shut up and dont watch the video. he's a smart, articulate gearhead and this was a great One Take!

  58. Seeing people comment him on the "we" usage, so I'll give my 2 cents: I personally don't mind it. Using "I" all the time makes you seem like an asshole. "I did this. I did that." It's something I noticed while watching sports. Mainly basketball. Everyone says "I think" or "I did" instead of we. I tend to hear hockey players use the word "we" more and it's more respectful. But besides that, my guess is that he must share the car with someone. Perhaps his dad or a brother or someone.

  59. uuuh I see an E34 in the background 😀 cant wait for that video!

  60. Fun car, good dude. Keep em comming.

  61. OMG is that an e34 m5 at 30 seconds?

  62. CALEN WEED says:

    LOOK UP HOW TO RESET THE 722 transmission. It will fix the lazy shifting issues. Since these transmissions remember how you drive. If you reset it and drive it hard for a few miles it will remember that and maintain that. I do the reset monthly and every time I service the car.

    If i remember correctly
    sit in the car with everything off
    Insert the key turn key to position 3
    Do not start the car. Depress the accelerator pedal to the floor.for 15 seconds turn the key off but DO NOT let up on the throttle pedal until the key is off.

    Once key is off let up on the pedal. DO NOT touch or do anything for 3 min. Once the 3 min is up pull the key out.

    Start the car and haul ass. 

  63. Imad S says:

    Always wanted one of these things so bad, it's just so mean

  64. La Cabaña says:

    E34 M5 detected

  65. Sweet Merced…. CTS V WAGON YESSSSSSS!!!!

  66. chamade166 says:

    This guy is a baller….drives a Merc AMG and uses We to refer to himself. Seems like a lot of people with no social skills and low self esteem drive drive Generic Asian cars. 

  67. azn412 says:

    55amg platform is amazing. The only bad thing is that you can't really manually shift it. There's such a delay, you can get a tcu upgrade as well which makes it a night and day difference 

  68. azn412 says:

    55 AMG platform came with 479HP and 500 something TRQ out the box and 400+WHP. Absolute monsters but they are notorious for heat soak. All you need is ECU, TCU, and pulley and you have a daily driven mid to low 11sec 1/4 car

  69. Garrett Gill says:

    He almost looks like Chris Pratt. Anyone?

  70. sage sokol says:

    This car uses hydraulic ABC not airmatic. HUGE difference in reliability. ABC SUCKS! Massive repair bills. Massive. Airmatic is fine, but unfortunately sl's come with the more failure prone and expensive ABC system. Needed to be said, for any poor soul considering an r230 SL as a "budget " benz.

  71. sage sokol says:

    Matt, get an slk55 to drive! Would love to see a one take with an slk55 with the updated 7 speed gearbox and no silly abc system, that weighs half a ton less than the sl.

  72. carlos ortiz says:

    Is this the sl last gen b4 the current one because the last gen sl has an awesome black series

  73. Very Hubble and honest guy, u can tell he just loves his car. And I didn't know Matt was half Arab lol explains why his last name is Farah 

  74. Noel Ebbert says:

    I'd take this over that Hennessy mustang. Use the $ differently.

  75. Nick Zannis says:

    +TheSmokingTire Matt, I have a CL65 same year as this car that you may find interesting. The 65 v12 biturbo cars are a whole different animal to any current 63 or 55 of the past. 740ftlbs of torque in a 5,000lb package is for sure an experience that you will probably find pretty unique…

  76. Awesome car, great luxury long distance cruiser, plenty of power to beat 90% of cars in a drag, and amazing Mercedes coupe looks. Thanks for another great vid Matt.

  77. Tommy TwoGun says:

    Friend of mine several years back had an E55 with some Renntech goodies on it, and that car was stupid fast.  I forgot how many pairs of rear tires he had to put on the car, but if you're gonna play, you're gonna pay.  LoL

  78. TheLastTank says:

    Sucks seeing these cars with huge drawbacks like a super fucking slow trans.

  79. Krycek says:

    In august 2009 i got a 2006 SL 55 with performance pack, 17,000 miles for $55,800 in FL. So not a lot of depreciation in the last 6 years. Driving in town you are lucky to get 8 mpg but its worth it. Overtaking on a highway with you begin at 80 and floor it you`ll be doing 130+ by the time you get back one the right lane. I miss it so much :~(

  80. I use the dial buttons = D I dont like voice dialing

  81. Andrew A says:

    is that a buick grand national in the background?

  82. Motorcyclists were having way more fun…

  83. Ivan R says:

    that airbag is huge

  84. Get a phone mount and a $20 aux to Bluetooth and you have modern "infotainment" system that's better than most new cars. 

  85. Hasan Gill says:

    Hey we get it. One-Takes are easy to film and can be uploaded quick. but. am i the only one who misses your actual car reviews? And the awesome camera work? did you fire all the cameramen? WE GET IT. PEOPLE OWN COOL CARS. MOVE ON AND GIVE US SOMETHING INTERESTING TO WATCH

  86. show your fox body I've been dying to see it done!!!!! matt

  87. 15 EU says:

    4,200 fucking lbs ?! Bro…

  88. Larry Harris says:

    Considering what SL stood for originally, 4200 lbs is insane!!

  89. My grandfather just bought one of these.  I was able to drive it last weekend and really enjoyed it.  Car makes a great sound.

  90. When are you going to do a Focus ST 

  91. Very true with the paddles and gears, my mom drives a w211 e350 and sometimes the paddles don't even register shifts or delay very long, but the gear shift on sequential is instant but still shifts slow.

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