TheSmokingTire – 400 HP APR ‘Stage 2’ Audi S3 – (Track) One Take

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  1. detaart says:

    What is it with the rules on track days over there?
    Put your windows down so your head can hit the pavement when you roll?

    It makes absolutely no sense to put your windows down.

  2. MrNicholg says:

    boring on that track

  3. Robert White says:

    Putting the windows down made the video unwatchable.

  4. I'd like to know why they want the windows down at all times. 

  5. 60fps? It was awesome!

  6. Jindo Krey says:

    They sell s3's as sedans now? or is it just a US thing. It should be a hatchback imo.

  7. sweeeptheleg says:

    good laugh turn on the the captions. 10:05 "I think this so much your moms"

  8. GTvisi0n says:

    Why the hell did they want you to open your windows?

  9. rchair says:

    What kind of wheels were on the car? 

  10. Pleb Stone says:

    sound aktor lel

  11. So excited to see this, as a current S3 owner I haven't seen many of these cars done up/upgraded and reviewed here in the States. In the stock configuration the car is a blast to drive, but as more and more products come out for this model it's getting very tempting to look at an engine/DSG tune and bolt on upgrades. 

  12. intranix says:

    you may as well have a parachute deployed at the rear!

  13. alex mills says:

    Porsche or not, you shouldn't take an SUV to a track day

  14. Can you get the S3 with a stick in the US?

  15. That window saftey is silly. The saftey people should carry a hammer with then with all times. 

  16. mcspikesky says:

    Audio wasn't the best but I only missed you talking about the wheel differences. Great video otherwise :)

  17. OMG those rims are ugly as fuck……

  18. No Way says:

    Wow, that thing has amazing top end by looks of it.

  19. Jue_boy says:

    I used to turn my nose up at the A3/S3 because it was based on a Golf but the more I look at it, the more I like it.

  20. lawlaw1 says:

    Now that's High Def! Good job

  21. charles mon says:

    i love your fucking videos man !!! congrats…

  22. Chris Anglin says:

    About when should All Cars Go to Heaven be available?
    Good video as usual.

  23. jay y says:

    is it faster than the supercharged mustang on track ?

  24. jo05dk says:

    I don't get the window down thing. Besides the obvious, that it's SO annoying when recording, it causes a LOT of drag, and seems dangerous to me. 

    Loved the video, aside from the issues sometimes hearing what you're saying because of the above.

  25. Kaisuke971 says:

    Rolex Submariner ?

  26. Tadas says:

    looks like a lot of fun

  27. Vern B says:

    Soooooo… did you bend the wheel?

  28. hondacar says:

    I really enjoyed that clip.I assume nothing was done to the DSG transmission?

  29. Sagina1999 says:

    Persian Cat Hair Microphone Windscreen Test No.2 New & Improved Version

  30. CommandoAtin says:

    This makes me happy

  31. Brendan Roy says:

    over 100hp with a downpipe and tune? Am I reading this correctly? That's insane. These cars are going to be serious collector items. 

    And you failed to mention to the kids playing at home this is the same engine that is in the Golf R you previously did a one take on. So it should be pretty much the same results, but that s3 sedan is beautiful, I went for a drive with a guy with a purple/black one, thing was incredibly smooth. Effortless linear power band.

  32. Jaqen H'ghar says:

    You need another watch.

  33. Jay says:

    Get an rs4 on the track next 

  34. This or the 400hp ats?

  35. if only my gti was apr stage 2… :(

  36. longbowdt says:

    does the car have an upgraded fuel pump?

  37. SkiDooRydr says:

    There was a bug on the camera. Can you go back and redo it without the bug? Thanks. Kappa

  38. APR, LLC. says:

    Thank you for testing it out, +TheSmokingTire !

  39. MrMuuf says:

    how to make hazard signal with hands( two hands out of window?) ? because don't use turn signals.

  40. Why do you have to put the window down?

  41. Just wondering when are you going to go back to the 2015 Chevy SS with the new 6 speed manual? 

  42. PAKITO B.V. says:


  43. Why do they want you to have the window down? Is it for insurance purposes, like if you crash its easier to pull you out?

  44. SirAllied says:

    Why do they want the windows down?

  45. JSR Cars says:

    This car looks so good, I love the aggressive little lip spoiler on the back.

  46. Why do you have to have your window down on these track days? That just creates a lot of extra drag…..

  47. Veyronp87 says:

    APR s3: 1 bug: 0

  48. what a great ride i just had in this video.

  49. Jin Park says:

    i wish you can come upto NJ to try out my APR Stage 3 TT.

  50. Can someone explain the 'windows down' rule?

  51. Damn, there's a Macan Turbo in the track!

  52. 2crazy2stop says:

    So did you bend the front rim?

  53. ivorton23 says:

    I love these one take videos..great job as always Matt. You mentioned in one of the last videos that you drove a bmw 540i…when does that video come out? Also you need to do a one take with an E39 M5

  54. JAMES KANG says:

    Now do the STi cobb stage 2 review

  55. What if you just buy all those parts and install them yourself? Save the extra 5 grand in labor

  56. a1e20 says:

    Awesome video! I've started seeing a lot of these now (I work at an Audi/Porsche dealer) and I've been curious as to what kind of magic APR can do to these things… Once again, I'm not disappointed.

  57. Wididy says:

    I would love to see you start using a 360 degree cam with these one takes

  58. No hard shifts on the transmission? 

  59. why do u have to put ur windows down?

  60. Jeff K says:

    A direction boom mic would help a lot on videos like this.

  61. DieselDan09 says:

    +TheSmokingTire if you where going to choose a s4 or s3 as your next daily driver with similar mods which would you choose? S4 or S3?

  62. Windows down?! Why?

  63. This was ,is one of the best vids on youtube! Should be a publicity for Audi lol! Great job guys !

  64. why do you have to have the windows open on a track?

  65. Hahaha I saw you on the track. Now just waiting for the Max R!

  66. this macan is pretty fast though

  67. tubesurfer23 says:

    Gota be fun passin the race cars in the four door Audi with the leather. Great vid :)

  68. why did they want you to keep the windows down? sidewind?

  69. Michael Ford says:

    I was cheering Matt on every lap haha

  70. MrTw122094 says:

    +TheSmokingTire Is having the window down a safety thing?

  71. jtjudgejj says:

    Stupid Fucking fly got what it deserved 

  72. S3fR0 says:

    60fps thanks!

  73. even if its fast, i feel those engine are just boring!

  74. jtjudgejj says:

    Shave your knuckles

    Also that camera is amazing 

  75. How much does it cost?

  76. Rob Remesi says:

    Well…did you bend the rim?

  77. Yup, I've been telling people it's great. It's not like most modern turbo cars where it just picks up a bunch of mid range it also picks up a decent chunk of top end.

  78. wow, that macan though

  79. NIAtoolkit says:

    I kept waiting for that knob to appear and go full throttle mid-corner with his C7 Z06.

  80. would it be possible to take your own car to that track? If so, what are the requirements? Safety, etc.

  81. an Audi?! I can practically smell the oil burning from here

  82. Red car IS faster! Was a lot of fun to watch this.

  83. Angus M says:

    I think the windows have to be down in case the drivers flips the car and is stuck inside the car, so having the windows down results in the driver being able to crawl out the window

  84. Chemist716 says:

    Sorry for my english, but what do you mean about "stiffer", when you're talking the car ?

  85. iliovecaRS says:

    Still waiting on that e34…

  86. Afistnu says:

    These are fun to watch. NICE to see APR here. :D. Can't wait to see you in a Volkswagen Corrado VR6.

  87. fightfanian says:

    Am I the only one that thinks this looks like a video game?

  88. Fast egress in the event of a crash or fire. Ever tried to break side glass without tools?

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