Scotty Kilmer – Why You Want To Wax Your Car

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  1. Why mechanics should never do detailing videos, but good for people that just want their car waxed and don't mind about the condition of the paintwork

  2. I use lucas spray wax on my black car and the difference is night and day vs just a good wash.  If you use spray wax about every 6 weeks would that be just as good as using the solid wax ones every 3 months?

  3. DO NOT DO WHAT SCOTTY IS DOING IN THE VIDEO, YOU WILL DAMAGE YOUR PAINT! Search youtube for detailing videos from detailing professionals, to avoid damaging your car. Use correct tools and products, with correct methods.

  4. Scotty, you need to mow your grass!  Regards, James

  5. Kinda sound like Charlie from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia 

  6. Coffee Man says:

    4 times a year!? I only wash my car maybe once every three years or so… It's a -94 Saab, so I don't really care what it looks like, as long as it still works.

  7. Nick J says:

    Yeah i used to feel the same way about detailing my car, using all the proper stuff and really taking my time all day and using a high speed polisher until someone smashed into the side of me and i then realized all of that time and effort is for nothing because all it takes is one wreck to destroy ur car all the wax in the world cant help that lol.

  8. Riko Lime says:

    Can I use a can of clear coat protective finish ( premium automotive paint) just over the hood, since it is the only problem area? And then wax, I assume!

  9. Have a question scotty I want to up grade my intake manifold will it improve horsepower. Gas milage. If so what would be a good brand to go with I have a 2000 chevy silverado 

  10. You want to keep you car WITH OUT ANY SCRATCH leave it in the garage

  11. Can't use the shade from the trees, or an hour after having washed it, it won't only be dry, but there will also be crap from the tree above on it so you'd have to wash it again. Also, what if a bird happens to fly by and shit on it while it's drying? My point is: Better drive it into a garage or under a car port for it to dry :)

  12. needforsuv says:

    i don't park my car in the sun, it has paint/new car protection and i don't think i wax it lol just a wash at the shop and it still looks factory fresh 10 years later

  13. butchtropic says:

    Although modern car materials and design have much lessened the rusting problems, (rear quarter-panels made from plastic) one would be stupid not to wash/wax on a regular basis. Most all waxes contain UV repellant that helps your paint from absorbing damaging UV rays then you've got bird-poop, insects, pollution, pollen all with the potential to damage your paint, leaving it unprotected is just dumb. Even if your faithful in oil changes and drive the car in a reasonable manner when it comes time to sell it or trade it in the first thing people see is the paint, why let it go to all hell?.

  14. Lotusrk123 says:

    Here in the dry southwest, cars don't rust even without wax (it was dry, sunny and 80 degrees here in southern Colorado Monday, 3/16/2015). The last car I waxed was 50 years ago. I was told by my father to do it because he was too lazy. When I left home, his cars never got waxed again, and they didn't rust. Biggest problem here is the UV rays breaking down clear coat. When I repaint my '76 Cobra II, I will be sure to select a clear coat with UV barrier AND choose a lighter color to keep temperatures down when it sits in the sun.

  15. aaronisme318 says:

    Everything you said in this video is wrong

  16. nono momo says:

    Hey, I own a Saturn VUE if Scotty is wrong what do I care. It already looked bad when it came out of the factorey.

  17. nissan300bhp says:

    lol, i like your videos scott, but stick to fixing cars not cleaning them.

  18. Vishal Shah says:

    this guys is so funny

  19. Ian Rin says:

    Circular motion??? LOL.. Supposed to rub on the length of the panel you're working on. Oh and BTW your car talk is laughable in comparison to NPR's original car talk. Moron.

  20. Typical Scotty video. Loads of misinformation

  21. I wax my Z370 and detail it once a month, with "GoldGlass" ($18 a can at AutoZone), last longer than others I've used. Seems overkill, but when it rains, my car comes out looking like I just got done waxing it. Plus it keeps that nice smooth feel to it, can you recommend a better wax? If I wax 4 times a year, seems with just about every wax I've tried it loses it's ability to stay clean after it rains. I do use a light coat so it's easy to remove (I've been told be detailers that a heavy coat just makes it harder to get the wax off and it's a micro layer anyhow) Anyhow good video, if I get water spots I go over it with 10% white vinegar and 90% distilled water solution. Then just wax that small area, for the solution will remove the wax. (Works great for cleaning windows as well) Granted, like you I have learned to hand dry my car after a wash. (our water has something in it that is about impossible to remove once it's on there. (unless I use the solution)

  22. corayant says:

    Ain't nobody got time for that!

    Spray and dry works just fine! 

  23. Is Valma Wax any good??

  24. nice video buddy keep making them..

  25. r u mad yet says:

    "lol ur dumb wax duznt prvnt rust lol ur dum" No, dumbasses, but the paint does. Once the paint chips and cracks away, that metal is a fucking breeding ground for rust.

  26. Zack Zander says:

    Pretty much how I do it. The only thing I do differently is that I don't use a swirling motion when I wash the car. Anal car enthusiasts would probably pick apart the job Scotty did but that just goes to show they have nothing better to do with their lives. I use a vehicle, maintain it, then get a new one when its used up. I'm not going to spend 8+ hours detailing a car that will only get dirty when I pull onto the road. Puddles, gravel stones, acid rain, road salt, debris from dump trucks, etc.

  27. Hi Scotty. It is best to put the wax on in a swirl motion;but take it off in a straight motion. Back and forth. If you use a swirling motion to take the wax off, you will clean out the swirl marks you created putting the wax on. Give it a try. I think you will see the difference.

  28. I wax my car everytime i washed it. Hahaha

  29. 3.141 59 says:

    LOL, I just sold me 99 Civic, with 230k miles.  Washed it 4 times.  Yes, only 4 times.  Paint has always looked good, even today, no peeling no blotching, no discoloration.  The car acquired its own protective coating and it was for free!

  30. I do it like you do and paint's good. Only wondering if it would be good idea to use machine for the buffing purpose. 

  31. Riko Lime says:

    Before I go actually waxing my car (Ive had the paint evaluated and was told the clear coat was still intact – if only slightly, and it was safe to wax). I have been doing research. Should I really use a clay mold on it and some sort of polisher before waxing? Or will waxing it make it shiny/glossy enough that its OK. I dont really have a lot of time to spare dedicating to a several-day process, as the car is shared between people with separate shifts.

  32. Thank you Scotty for the advice, short and sweet as always…

  33. bihcardinals says:

    i wax and do a full detail on my cars twice a year. after and before winter. to protect the paint from the salt and to take the salt off. 

  34. "Scotty Kilmer, mechanic for the last 47 years"  Enough said with lots of experience, I agree.  You don't suggest nor endorse incorrect and damaging mechanical repairs on cars correct??   So why would you do this video showing incorrect & damaging maintenance for automotive clearcoats is all I'm asking.  You have a craft, which I respect, but so do detailers and people who want to properly take care of their car!

  35. Jscott Gamer says:

    Good job Scotty! What's your thought about auto car washers and self serve car wash sites! I tell people stay away from both, don't you agree power washing can cause many mechanical issues? IE. Forcing water into areas that should never see water et..

  36. What do you think about washing an engine?  Is it safe? I see some detailers offer an engine steam clean.  

  37. I've got wax on rubber parts of the car. Any ideas how to remove it?

  38. Here is California we're having a drought, so I give my Jeep a dust bath every once in a while 

  39. anuskiller says:

    People find this a hassle? It's probably the most satisfying thing to do to your car.

  40. jayy f says:

    why do people come on your videos trying to prove u wrong about things? like seriously this guy been around way longer than us internet young guys…. 50 year mechanic.

  41. saleem83 says:

    Even if your waxing wrong. It's better than doing nothing. Give Scotty a break. Just waxing your car is more than 80 percent of car owners. 

  42. 3.141 59 says:

    You won't believe this.  I just sold my 1999 Honda Civic, 230k miles.  Only checked the oil 4 times, only washed the car 3 times.  Yes, those number are in the life of the car from day one, when I bought the car new in 1999.  Paint still looked great when I sold the car.  Not a spec of pealing paint.  I sold it cause the tranny was slipping.  Because I did not check the oil regularly, thereby opening the hood, the hood latch stuck and I had to get it replaced.

  43. Piotr Tester says:

    I tested different waxes on my channel if anyone wants to know the test results and reviews

  44. bobbyv125 says:

    Hey Scotty Looks like that Yellow house behind you could use A Wash and wax also 😉 Lol !!

  45. I see Scotty has learnt alot from AmmoNYC

  46. Best moon shine u got there. A clean car makes a statement about you! I wax 2X a year as a rule. I always remember that cars are a bad investment at best.

  47. Juan Lara says:

    When people don't use the double bucket method •_•

  48. Would you recommend the nu finish wax? ?

  49. LMacNeill says:

    I've never noticed a difference buffing wax off with an old bathroom towel vs. some special "car wax" towel. As long as you do one panel at a time, and wait for the wax to dry before you buff it off, it seems to be to be about the same either way. I think Scotty has the right idea here — you don't need to go expensive to have good results.

  50. SleekMouse says:

    This was an awesome video!!  Lots of great information and Scotty is too cool with his shine!

  51. scotty ive been a mechanic most of my life,now I have back problems is this normal for a mechanic?

  52. 44altecz says:

    Dont wax a black car like this or youll be sorry that you did  lol

  53. What about that stuff they sell u when you buy the car they say you dont have to ever wax it 

  54. It's not a Ferrari it's just a family car. Thanks

  55. i use  Jax Wax Carnauba Wax…great  on my black  cars   made in ohio  too

  56. Mortalomena says:


    You need to rinse, pre-wash, wash, clay, polish, wax, seal. This every week. Anything less is not enough.

    Also wrap your car in a big condom every time you have to drive it. Just dont drive unless you 100% have to. I never drive my car, i just buff it in the shadows every day.

  57. greg raines says:

    What I do to reduce swirl and wax caking is wipe the area with a wet rag. Apply the wax, usually Mothers Carnuba, wipe it off with another wet rag and then polish it with the usual clean, soft cloth. My black paint looks good even in full sunlight. Btw, something I read in a car mag years ago in an article about car paint. Always stuck with me. They said anything that's good for skin or leather should be good for paint. I saw this in practice when I worked a an auto restoration shop. The cars didn't get dirt, as such, sitting there but they did get a bit dusty so, every few days, wed'e go over them with Pledge on an old diaper. Worked great.

  58. For the people saying this is completely wrong, it's the wife's daily driver. This would be wrong for a let's say 100,000$ car driven once a month but for the average guy it's better than nothing which is the point of this video. If you want to get all crazy and spend 5 hours washing and waxing your civic Larry at ammonyc has some good tips. 

  59. Cez r says:

    that wax applicator is dirty as a bum's asscrack. dont you wash your pads and mitts?

  60. lairdwd says:

    In the Northeast, once a year with good quality wax does the job. My experience anyways. Even every other year is possible. Just see if the water still beading up nicely.

  61. Henry Hill says:

    Its not about being anal,u think ur being sensible but its the exact opposite. Microfiber towels are like 2 bucks, what r u gonna buy with that some candy and shit, might as well keep your paint looking as good as it can. I mean ur taking it a little to far your wash mitt blotted out the sun and shit. Advance with the times old man i understand your trying to help but dont be so hard headed. My dads been a mechanic for at least the last 30-40 years and he wouldn't find an excuse to wash and wax a car like that.

  62. Henry Hill says:

    hey Kilmer im calling you out

  63. Luke Simpson says:

    +Scotty Kilmer To me, this is one of the most useful channels I have seen on YouTube. Subscribed

  64. ishvenegas4 says:

    Is it fine to wash the car outside and then waxing in a garage right after?

  65. So much energy, I like it!

  66. You only need to wax a car once, about a year after it's new. Wax leaves a residue that lasts for a long time after it wears off. A 10 year old car waxed once will look just about as good as a car that's been waxed twice a year for 10 years.. but both will look way better than a car that was never waxed at all.

  67. CheesyTV says:

    Wool is very coarse, I wouldn't use it to wash my car – only 100% cotton.

  68. Mazxlol says:

    What do you think of the spray wax ? I've never waxed before and i just bought a brand new car 2 months ago, i want to keep it in good condition for as long as possible!

  69. Alan Wong says:

    Where can you find one of those toyota corolla 86

  70. Keep up the videos 😀 +Scotty Kilmer Deserve a subscribe :)

  71. My dad's been waxing (what is now my car) a 2001 toyota camry since about 2005. Originally it was a California car, with no rust at all. Then somehow got here to Ohio in 2004-2005 and we bought it at the dealership. Knowing Ohio's horrible winters and the salt on the roads, it rusts out cars like mad. Car has absolutely no rust. I've seen 2001 camry's that are Ohio cars and are all rusted out; yet alone 2008-present cars that have signs of rust on them too.

  72. David Johns says:

    That is the WORST way to wash/wax a car I've ever seen. The ONLY thing you did right was to put it in the shade. You used filthy towels/rags/mits/applicators to do the "dirty" work. You must not car about all the swirls and scratches you put in your car's paint….. wow…….. and you've really got a youtube channel where you post this garbage!!

  73. Cesar Alvizo says:

    Quick question scotty, I'm not a speed racer , just a regular driver with a 4 cyl toyota. Really, will any regular Air filter work such as STP, fram, microguard etc. Like, does one brand perform better than the other? 

  74. What kind of Toyota is that? An Avensis? It looks really great :)

  75. toan vu says:

    You are a very entertaining mechanic! Very funny person. Even your voice is entertaining!

  76. alex Marrufo says:

    This Nigga funny

  77. Djonkie Bonk says:

    Not the most correct way to wax but it will be far better than no wax at all. Love this guy's energy, he's a total nut and has great advice to offer for FREE too.

  78. MrCoalmin says:


  79. Oliver K. says:

    Thanks for the help! :)

  80. John Daly says:

    Nice video, Scotty!  I'm a hobbyist and do the 2-bucket wash, but your video is just a straightforward cause-and-effect showdown.  The most important thing is just to DO IT.  I really appreciate what you do, including the moonshine sippin'. Cheers!

  81. I wax and clay bar all of our cars. Not one has a problem. I wax at least every 3 months. One of our cars had sat under a tree for almost a year without being washed or waxed and it cleaned up flawlessly because of waxing. 

  82. Better to own plastic car, not so many metal parts to worry about :D

  83. Juan Rivera says:

    My absorber is over 12 years old and it still works and has no holes, bought another one 2 years ago just in case, but I don't think I'll be opening any time soon

  84. I could hear my car crying from the garage after hearing me play this. :/

  85. A clean sponge will NEVER scratch a car

  86. msw600 says:

    Actually a car wash with brushes can theoretically scratch a car since brushes are not really sprayed from one car going through to the next. The same holds true for car washes where they use mitts instead of a machine where men go around them unless mitts are rinsed between one car to the next. Car washes use regular clean towels to dry cars. I use a damp rag, that is an old shirt that's clean to go over smaller areas. A damp towel I use for large areas when I remove my car cover as car cover allows heavy dust/grit. Car needs to have exercise too, and be moved once in a while, even if it's a drive around the block. There's no perfect formula that's 1000% right when washing cars because dust is in the air anyways. I once had a bird crap on my car after a car wash and before leaving wash, to tell you how bad my luck could be lol.

  87. as always a great video thanks scotty

  88. wealthy king says:

    I haven't washed my car in years let alone wax it…that's what the dealer is for lol. free wash with any service. thank goodness for recalls, haha

  89. Your videos are awesome

  90. amhater says:

    Nice video. Good advice for protecting the paint.

    I have a question thats waaaaaay off topic – wondering if you can help. I have an 06 Chrysler 300C SRT8 that has a clunk sound. It sounds like it could be the rear diff but could also be due to the transmission.

    The sound happens while im driving. If im at a light and accelerate on green its fine, no clunk sound, but while cruising when i give it a little gas you can hear the clunk. It sounds like theres some slight play in the rear diff and then it catches thats why i say clunk sound.

    I jacked the car up and while in park turned the rear wheel back and forth and it sounds like the gears in the diff are turning then the driveshaft catches. The clunk sound seems to be coming from the diff.

    Its been that way for maybe 4 years and hasnt gotten any worse – guess im used to it by now and theres no issues with accelerating because itll still burn rubber.

    The only thing extra that ive done to it is apply a diablosport tune.

  91. Mitch Grooms says:

    Smokey Mountains Moon Shine, I knew I liked you,, I am from Tennessee..

  92. Waxing your car won't stop it from rusting, rust is corrosion from salts and dirt that accumulates in hard to reach places like windshield rubbers and in door seams, places that waxing does not reach. It will keep your paint from fading though…

  93. Jacob Begley says:

    +Scotty Kilmer what's your take on Armor All Wash and Wax soap? Is it worth paying a little more or is the wax in.that not even worth it?

  94. Stefansj99 says:

    Hey scott,
    I was wondering, do you need to Clay your car first or is that not necessary before applying wax?

  95. diver dave says:

    ? Scotty…. what the hell was sprayed on you house ….
    use Murphy's Oil Soap to was your car – it works GREAT !
    toss that old wax applicator ( its dirty n worn out )  just apply the ax with a rag

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