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  1. swordfreak16 says:

    I own a 08 Chevy Cobalt and it has this rattling noise in the front and is worse on a bumpy roads. I have checked the tie rods (inner & outer), control arms (Lower and Upper), sway bar links, and shocks! Im so confused! What else could it possibly be? Love watching your videos and I have learned so much!

  2. MrGarcon98 says:

    its all good anytime anyone learns something , anything.

  3. I have a hatchback and when I go on a dirt road or bumpy roads it rattles. I got my friend to look at the back and he told me that he could see the hatch move a little, do you know how to fix that

  4. Hi scotty. I have a prob in the car ac. I have a leak at the fitting of steel tubing that connects the condenser to the drier/accumulator. Changed the o-rings twice, but freon still leaked slowly and the area is oily. Should I have it machined the connections flat and change o-rings again? What do you suggest? Thanks!

  5. 1state152 says:

    Hey Scotty 08 Bmw 328i have recent noise coming from rear right side when first reversed in the morning, kinda feels like the car jerks as if being held back abit, makes a small metal ting sound along with the jerk any ideas as to what this can be thanks appreciate it 

  6. Julio Rosas says:

    I saw your how to fix door that dont open but can i do it when the door is closed? My back doors will not open on my nissan pathfinder 97 not even from inside or outside any tips? I love your channel.. I found you yesterday and i've been watching most of your vids 

  7. Hey scotty, I have a 2000 dodge stratus. The air does not work. The pressure switch is bad. Where is the pressure switch located?

  8. animal16365 says:

    Hey scotty. At what point do you consider a car has become an endless money pit

  9. john1240able says:

    Hello Scotty. How are the 2011 chevy Impala do you see a lot problems with it or are they good cars to buy.

  10. Scotty,my bike doesn't have wheels,why it doesn't drive when i put it in drive?

  11. Hey scotty i got a 98 jimmy 4×4 4.3 vortex i blew the intake gasket so rebuilt the heads and intake. part changed spark pulgs , intake gaskets both heads , masair flow sensor, distributor cap, valve seals,valve cover seals, exhaust manifold gaskets. It will start up fine but after it gets a lil hot it wont start again tll the next day or at least 4 hours later . Allgaskets have been seated in thanks in advance.

  12. Hey Scotty, I know your a car mechanic, but do you know anything about CafeRacer motorcycles? I'm wondering how much work I'd need to put into such a project. Thanks for all those years of wonderful content!

  13. Hey Scotty!  My friend is looking for a used car in the 2010 to 2012 range.  He's looking at Impalas, Chargers, Fusions and the Taurus!  Which do you recommend the most and why?  Thanks.

  14. Hey Scotty, I drive a Dodge Ram, and once I start driving around 60-75 Mph, I can hear the wind trying to pry the driver side door open, any tips on that?

  15. Lee Dunn says:

    Greetings Car King Scotty, Last summer I bought a 2006 Toyota Sienna minivan from the original owner who had it serviced by the dealer and kept excellent records.  Last week it started shifting hard from 3rd to 4th and now 1st to 2nd seems to take longer.  Any ideas appreciated!

  16. Lewis says:

    when i start my car from cold start, i can hear clicking in the engine? when i rev the clicking gets faster, when the engine is warm it disspears?

  17. I have a small cut in my tire is there something I can buy to cover it up

  18. Omar Zorba says:

    Can you change a car from manual to automatic transmission? How much would it cost to do so?

  19. Just a guy says:

    Hey Scotty what do you prefer 5gen civic hatch or a mk2 golf gti???

  20. Hey Scotty I drive a 2001 Nissan Altima and when I drive my car heats up fast and stalls what needs fixing? Thanks!

  21. Hey Scotty I have an 89 bronco XLT and there's a thumping sound on the front right side. Would that be a bad caliper?

  22. Slossage17 says:

    What do you think of BMW M Roadsters?
    ie: Maintenance/performance/reliability?

  23. another great show!

  24. Hey Scotty, I want to flush my coolant
    is it Ok to Leave Prestone Flush in the system for a few days ?

  25. Lazy Boy says:

    Sir, I own an old toyota corona 1991 and  I changed the diesel engine 1900cc with a Petrol engine 1300cc ( Carburetor ). What's your humble opinion on that? Thanks from Mauritius

  26. Scotty, I enjoy your video's. I just bought a 1995 Mercury Cougar XR7 with 150,000 miles. Test drive was fine, drove it home 75 miles ran fine. leaving the house made it 2 blocks, it started missing an cutting out. checked fuel pressure 35-40 psi. Checked fire to plugs, was OK. I tried starter fluid, almost started. I put in new plugs same result. I checked the fuel injectors all ohmed out about 16, all solniods fired and checked that injectors were getting fire. engine cranks will not start?

  27. Adam Chase says:

    Saab 93 auto 1.9 diesel. When I put it into Drive the car gives a big thud. I've been told it's because i need to change my transmission oil, what do you think it could be? Many thanks. 

  28. my break lights dont come on when i push the pedal down. fuse is good, switch seems good. bulbs are good.

  29. Ekin Nguyen says:

    Helli Scotty I'm replacing my A/C compressor for 2005 bmw 325i. How much pag oil do you put in the compressor/ drier/ condenser. Thanks 

  30. Kay Bowers says:

    Scotty why are my back tires cupping.i have just replace my struts

  31. @ Scotty Kilmer
    I have 1997 ford escort automatic
    When the car idles it has a bad vibration on the front passenger side, cant seem to find out where is coming from.
    Also i have a brake light that comes on while im driving, but if o give it a large amount of brake stopping force the light goes away then. Comes back, what could cause this, car over all drive great,
    And you work in houston, would consider you as someone that might take a look at it if o cant fix it, thanks

  32. Ira Friedman says:

    Hey Scotty what's your favorite cargo aircraft? I know it's not a car question lol 

  33. Tim J says:

    R12 refrigerant makes the AC ice cold, love it!

  34. Ryan DeClue says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  35. Cesar Alvizo says:

    Hey scotty, what do you think of K&N cabin and engine air filters?

  36. Tyler Dubbs says:

    Hi Scotty i have a 99 Dodge Ram 1500 and it make and a noise every couple bumps I hit its coming from the front driver side 

  37. Is it a bad idea to put dielectric grease in all the various electric plugs under the hood?

  38. My 2002 nissan altima seems to have acceleration issues. Whenever i press the pedal it speeds up but if i press harder it still speeds up but doesnt go faster. Transmission fluid has been changed a few weeks ago. Please help

  39. Muyiwa Mayor says:

    Hi scott. Thanks for the insights int ok our cars.
    Please I've got a nissan maxima 2002 vq35, I hear a humming sound coming from the back wheel, please what could this be? 🙁 

  40. Kian Palmer says:

    Hi Scotty!
    Big fan of yours here 🙂
    I am interested in starting my own little car-fixing business in my area. Could I have some advice as to how to start? I'm not sure how to be known aside from advertisements, but as you mentioned in a previous video, it's best to be known by word-of-mouth rather than ads. Thank you so much Scotty!

  41. I know you have a couple of videos on this issue that I am having, but I figure since this is your most recent video, you will most likely respond;

    I have a 2001 Nissan Sentra that a couple of weeks ago would crank, but not start. We had it towed to a nearby mechanic who charged around $1000 to replace the fuel pump, crankshaft position sensor, coil packs and spark plugs and I felt like I had gotten ripped off. My car is starting up weak right now and vibrates a little more than usual for about 10 seconds after it is started. So my question is; could this be a throttle body issue? The gas pedal sticks and I figured the throttle body needed cleaning but I am not sure if the issues are related or not. The SES light is on (and has been for a while), but I haven't gotten it checked yet

    Edit: last week it would crank but not start when I was in the parking lot at my college, so I pumped the gas pedal a few times while cranking and it barely managed to start

  42. Scotty.
    ( you are a good man ,, thanks for helping us)
    I liked your Jaguar fuel pump video. Yeah that is a classic answer in a good old fashioned good honest way.

    QUESTION !!!!
    What (sensors) should I change on my 1992 Ford Tempo 3L-V6?
    I already changed the followings:
    – temp sensor
    – PCV valve
    – IAC
    – O2 sensor ( do I need to change them both) I changed only the front one.
    – thermostat

  43. 05tech says:

    Hey Scotty, will you work on some of your subscribers automobiles? If so how can we get in touch with you? 

  44. Swift Hit says:

    Hey scotty hey scotty HEY SCOTTY!

  45. bah3592 says:

    Why would an automatic acura rl 1997 shift fine into reverse. But after warmed up it slams into reverse. Mounts are fine.

  46. TheFamous23 says:

    Scotty why doesnt my speedometer work in doest mark PH only RPMS idk y.

  47. hey Scotty i have a 1996 Nissan Setra, when i was backing up off my driveway i heard a loud noise, i thought the engine was messing up i parked and checked that the driver's side CV axle was fallen off place, i thought it was a simple fix so i went and got a new CV axle from Auto Zone, i had it installed and started the car and slowly releasing the brakes the car was actually moving in all gears, everything shifting smoothly but once i stepped on the gas a little it started making the same loud noise and i check and the NEW CV axle was broken off place again!, could it be a bad transmission?>?? what are your thoughts???

  48. Hello Scotty,
    I have a Ford Mondeo 2003 1.8LX (European/UK) The car will sometimes start in first attempt but most times it will take three attempts. However, it always starts in the third attempt. This can happen anytime whether the car is hot or cold. What could it be?

  49. mina roxxs says:

    I've got a vl Calais turbo, we took it to the mechanic he put an air filter on the turbo since that day when I got the car back, a lot of white smoke came from the exhaust there are two tubes both are connected to the engine bay to the air filter please help me?????

  50. I have a 2001 Aurora with the ABS light on and the brake light brake goes all the way to the floor bleed and bleed them what do I do

  51. Hey scotty, could you recommend something to clean oil, atf and fuel spilled on a driveway? Is dish soap any good?

  52. plagu weav says:

    Heya Scotty, I have a 02 Altima2.5s with an automatic transmission, when I let it warm up it'll go into  Drive right away. If don't then it can take up to 20 seconds to go into Drive, it'll aways go in to 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. It also has no trouble going into reverse.

  53. Hey scotty i have a 2004 chevy alvalanche and when i get on the freeway it goes side sometimes what could cause that.

  54. mailman1951 says:

    Hello Scotty.  My wife has a  2001 Hyundai.  It has started to have problems filling with gas.   It will only take a few cents of fuel at a time.    What has happened ?  I enjoy your site……..     Gary

  55. jacob dukes says:

    Hey Scotty I have a 1999 ford explorer and it has 147685 miles on it and the transmission is getting tired I want to add some Lucas trans fix should I drain 24 oz to make room for the 24 oz of trans fix

  56. gbowne1 says:

    I have had bad Ford catalytic converters right out of the box for the Zetec engine.  Went through 5 new ones and a few aftermarket versions before found one that didn't set the 420.

  57. i just subbed a couple months ago, i find this stream entertaining and educational. i did my first engine swap 36 years ago, a '65 bug, real simple. Scotty, i like your straight shooting comments and advice.

    i have an '08 smart with AC, i rarely use it (the AC), i guess i'll run it once a month now to keep everything sealed and working properly.

  58. My car has been sitting for about 2 years now. It has been sitting outside. Now that I need a car I am reviving it by myself. I changed every fluid and battery and now the car starts perfectly like always. But, the reverse does not work. It is a standard transmission and it just won't go to reverse. What is up with it? I hope I don't have to change the whole trans. It was working perfectly 2 years ago and it was never driven during those 2 years. please help! thank you!

  59. Hélio Sousa says:

    Hey Scotty,
    What you think about K&N air filters?

  60. treluvsjay1 says:

    Hey Scotty, I have a 95 Honda Accord and well I'm having a Lil problem where after I've driven the car around and it's Warmed up then park it I go to start her back up and when I do, the car's idle jumps really Low almost like it wants to Die but when I sit there without pressing the pedal after about 20 seconds the idle slowly raises and idles normally. I'm stumped any suggestions??

  61. i have an idea for a video how about tips on making slow old cars faster

  62. Hi Scotty my wife wants a small suv She is thinking either a CRV or Rav4 2005 to 2007 model. which one should we get as we plan on driving it hopefully for 10 years or more.

  63. Frank Galati says:

    Hi Scotty, 
    I'm from Australia and here we have 3 types of unleaded gasoline; 91 RON, 95 RON (premium) and 98 RON (V-power/ BP ultimate)
    91 RON- $1.30 p/L
    95 RON- $1.38 p/L
    98 RON- $1.45 p/L

    The 98 RON gasoline has seemed to stop the pinging on my Toyota Corolla 2002. Is it worth sticking to this higher grade of gasoline? My mechanic told me to stay away from that 91 RON dishwater haha. Your input on this topic would be appreciated!

  64. Y10Q says:

    5:58 if you car cranks and wont start, it could just be a bad coolant temperature sensor. On some cars it won't let it start when it's warmed up or even when cold when it really goes bad. It will crank for 30 seconds and nothing. It feels like a bad fuel pump or injectors or no spark. I go disconnect the sensor, car starts right up, but the fans go full on and the car runs at higher rpm than usual. Changed it out, and now the engines runs perfectly smooth. Cranks on first click, instead of needing 2-3 turns on the starter before it went out.

  65. Hi Scotty, GREAT CHANNEL! My fiance has a 02 Hyundai sonata and it sometimes has problems on the highway not shifting I think. It sometimes can only go 40 mph so I think it is a transmission issue. Do you know about this problem or how to fix it?

  66. How much does it cost on average (assuming the condenser is bad) to fix AC on 03 Malibu?

  67. **Cover yourself in steel to feel safe


  68. deapozol says:

    Scotty, what do you think of the brand new chevy traverse awd? Is it better than the tahoe or suburban as far as engine and transmission is concerned? I heard you're not a big fan of the newer tahoe or suburban. Thanks.

  69. Mr Scotty, I have a 97 150 5.4 4×4 , when I put it in drive it switches through the gears really fast by 10 mph I'm already in 3rd gear and can't go past 40 mph . I ran the codes and it came up to p0708 range sensor . Can that be the real problem?

  70. RichLeespage says:

    Dear Mr. Scott. lol,
    My brother has a 84 minivan and the aluminum shift rod in the column broke.
    How hard is it to replace? Or should we replace the whole column.

  71. wolffepack1 says:

    Scotty! If I needed to replace a A/C compressor in my 1997 Toyota 4runner, do you know roughly how much it would cost if I do it myself vs how much it would cost for me to take it out and buy a new one? I assume doing it myself would be cheaper. 

  72. ctb365 says:

    Hey Scotty, when I hit my brakes my wheel vibrate very bad, is that a sight of brad pads or bad rotors or both.

  73. Shawn Aloia says:

    I'm quite sure that you have a video somewhere out here on how to evacuate and refill an A/C unit with refrigerant, but you have a lot of video out here!

    I have a 1998 Mercury Tracer that needs this procedure. I am very knowledgeable with vehicles, know the break down procedure (removing passenger side tire, splash guard, etc.) to get to the A/C unit. But, being an old-school mechanic, I have forgotten some of the other procedures! If you could be so kind as to advise of a fairly decent refrigerant product (cheap), and a simple method of refill of the unit by email, without the bother of making a special video, I would appreciate this immensely. I am getting older and have the start of Rheumatoid from turning wrenches all my life and just want to get the job done right! And, above all, I respect your thoughts!

    Thank you in advance, Sir.

  74. joshwolf178 says:

    hi Scotty. i have 2000 bmw 528i the fog doesn't turn on when i turn the fog switch. and i change the new switch, but it still don't work. can you tell me what else it might cause the problem. thanks

  75. So I have a 3800 series Buick regal supercharger when I floor it it likes to bog out then die but if I drive it easy it does not die but when I floor it to highway speeds to get on the free way it'll big Down make a click sound then just shut off completly what can cause this any ideas 

  76. Hello Scotty! 

    I was wondering what problems can be caused by overfilling the oil in the engine? My Corolla takes 3.7 litres of oil, and my mechanic used all 4 litres of oil. I asked him why, and he said it really doesn't matter. So, what's your take on this?

  77. My opinion as far as them A/C refrigerant kits with the gauge from Walmart is that they are crap. My dad bought one and he put the whole large can in the system and it still showed the same low side pressure of 20 psi, the same as before he added. I hooked up my manifold gauge set to check it and it was WAY overfilled, the pressure was actually 55 psi. Them gauges with them kits are really inaccurate from what I've seen. 

  78. Man this man is a god! So much knowledge 

  79. Hey Scotty, My 07' Avalon finally has a problem.The A/C Fan will not stop blowing  even with the controls off and ignition off,  IT Just happened after sitting in driveway overnight during rain storm. any suggestions? Thanks.

  80. hi I'm a female that needs to do a broke bolt back out job. drivers side lower control arm bushing bolt tip end of bolt broke off in the frame where the thread starts, I can't seem to get anyone to do this job on a 84 Honda accord lx in my area. I'm going to have to do it myself, I know I need a set of long titanium or cobalt left hand drill bits, because it is a steel bolt, I have researched an finding extractors can be a problem, besides that I don't have a lot of room between the arms of the frame that the lower control arm an bushing fit between. That's also why I mentioned a long set of bits. I have to go through the frame like its a bolt with the drill bit to get it centered on the bolt after I use the punch out, so it don't start to slant on me. Is there anyway possible there is a easier way to do this job, any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

  81. hi scotty, I have a ford focus wagon 2006  for the past two yrs. my car will stop a few minutes after I start it or after driving it going to the store. It will start up after I wait 10 minutes or 1 day. After a episode it runs good for about 2 weeks and it will do it again. I already got a new fuel filter fuel injecter, battery, nobody really knows what it is but they think it might be the computer, I saw one of your videos on how to program a car computer with my laptop, Do you think I should do that?

  82. rob pollock says:

    I have a 99 Lexus gs400 my panel fuse keeps blowing any reason why

  83. rob pollock says:

    I took out the radio and then in plug all the plugs and the fuse kept popping with nothing plugged in

  84. I have an 05 Honda Accord that shakes really bad right around 40mph. Any ideas as to why? It feels like it's not getting enough gas but I don't understand why and it stops if I press hard on the gas peddle.

  85. Dblade981 says:

    Hey Scotty I know you not a big fan of Gm but between a 2005 Pontiac grand am or the 2005 Pontiac Bonneville which is a decent car? Thinking of an upgrade soon thanks!

  86. james uloth says:

    I installed a lower control arm on my1994 toyota corolla and the control arm is  loose even after i tighten up the pivot bolt and nut, is the lower control arm suppose to be loose?

  87. Scotty I am getting bank 1 and bank 2 burning lean The only thing left is to change the intake manifold gaskets Everything else has been changed. What is your valuable knowledge say. After the truck warms up I have to start it by giving it gas. Only in the morning it starts right up no gas just turn key???????????????????

  88. Thank you Sir for your quick response.

  89. Jim Foreman says:

    Help! Where is the radio fuse on a 1997 Toyota Camry?

  90. shade231 says:

    whats the fuel pressure idle supposed to be for the engine in an 86 buick lesabre 3.8 Im getting about 28psi on the gauge.

  91. jose torres says:

    I have a 2002 dodge durango rear wheel drive 4.7 and already replace the ABS sensor and im still getting the ABS light flashing  my regular brakes work but not my abs ,can you give me an advise,thanks

  92. Hello Scotty, My recently purchased 06 Ford Taurus vulcan usually makes a power steering noise and when the engine is cold the noise is louder but the fluid level seems to be fine, where do i start the fix? Does it Need a fluid change? Is it the power steering pump? Or other things? Thank you

  93. Dblade981 says:

    Scotty my old man's 98' Honda odyssey had a code P1491 & P0720 . What needs to be done? Thanks!

  94. Hello scottie! i recently hook up my scan tool to look at live data and there's only three pid showing for live data. Rpm, TP and something else, i don't know if my scan tool is not good enough, i have a harbor freight $100 scan tool and the car is a dodge

  95. Ed Nelligan says:

    I have my neighbors 1988 Chevy Cavalier. The Volts light is on and I unplugged the battery while it was running and it stalled right out. Is that the alternator or voltage regulator? I can do the work,but I'm not very good at getting to the problem. Can you help me.

  96. 2000 jeep cherokee,4cyl. sitting 1yr.will turn over,but wont start

  97. Joshua Moon says:

    i have a 2004 chevy impala ls with a 3.8l v6 motor just bought today it misses badly and exaust is smelling like gas i'm thinking its running lean and not sure when the last tune up was 
    any ideas why its running poorly?

  98. I got a question for scotty kilmer got a problem with my 1988 toyota pickup v6 sr5 4×4 is got poor idle replace throttle position sensor but it didn't work so what u think is my problem 

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