Scotty Kilmer – Is This The Future Of Cars, 84 MPG

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100 Responses

  1. That's a geo metro engine -_-

  2. Come on Scotty, really this thing burn rubber at  0:11 LOL, I like the concept. Dont stand hybrid of electric cars. Better a high efficiency petrol car. Its is more "honest". What is HONEST opinion as a mechanic for this "contraption". As personal commuter movility, looks fine. But not going with this for soemthing serious, like 600mile travel of heavy desert roads. You love toyotas, and this thing is far from that. yOur daily driver need to be reliable.

  3. drew700boo says:

    I wanna see someone go to Costco in that car.

  4. if this is the future i have no point in living anymore 

  5. mike216ism says:

    I would have thought this was the anticar that us drivers want to see. I am joking because I know there are a lot out there that would love to buy one. I would rather pay higher prices at the pump to hear the roar of the engine and love to be quite and comfy on the freeway. I would also rather be smashed by another car in my maxima

  6. fetullah ydz says:

    This is the same car chrisfix has driven, same license plate.

  7. usmcportes says:

    Scotty I'm so jealous you got to drive it. What are your impressions, are the a pillars as much in the way we they seem to be? 

  8. DatCarGuy310 says:

    These future cars technology is all stupid.. I'll stick with my older cars

  9. canmore0001 says:

    i love the idea of it. 90% of my driving is commuting to and from work, a low cost vehicle will be great for that. provided of course that it can drive in snow and doesn't handle like total crap. BTW is this front wheel drive or rear wheel?

  10. today ton says:

    Soon we will have no choice but to finaly have the fuel effecient cars they invented 40years ago then never produced them for sale, vw made a 100mpg years ago.

  11. Is that a carburetor? SIMPLICITY TO WORK ON! I'd risk getting killed in a car like this for something so cheap and simple.

  12. ScaryGhost1 says:

    This car is a fraud. It's nothing more than a re-purposed geo metro engine under the hood. Hell, it even still has the 1997 geo metro instrument cluster and automatic shifter bezel. The steering wheel is from a camaro to boot…

  13. TechNerd1300 says:

    I'll pass for the reasons of it being a POS, it's built by someone claiming older cars to be clunkers, and I hate people who say that because it's stupid, and it's just ugly and I want a car with 4 wheels. I'll always buy Ford because Ford has never let any of my family down

  14. great engine swap platform  k20 will fit

  15. That car is pretty agile, but 2 things concern me, A prius would terrorize someone in that thing, and there is no spare tire, and it also only worth $100? Damn my stereo is worth more than that

  16. jstuttgart says:

    Great Video +Scotty Kilmer as usual. It would be a sad day though if that truly is the future. 

  17. 303manu3l303 says:

    I think it's good, but right now gas is super cheap and people will pass on this. 
    Gas has to be $5-$7 a gallon before people make drastic changes in their driving habits. Where I live gas is about $2.40 a gallon.

  18. have been following the progress on elio for a while, cant wait to have one in my garage:) Too bad that they changed headlights look, it use to be way better.

  19. scyther1 says:

    I'm definitely interested at that price range.I think I would be much more likely to buy if it say 3 people :/

  20. Mr.Green says:

    +Elio Motors you guys should get +EricTheCarGuy to review your car.

  21. Ron Townsend says:

    Let's take it apart and find out how to get more power out it, maybe design some headers or turbo, something like that.  Roadkill esp. 51

  22. wizkid3726 says:

    i think the whole point of future cars is for them to stop using hydrocarbons as a fuel.

  23. Joey says:

    I didn't see any smoke from the peel out, I think it needs more power. lol  This will be a perfect car for delivery companies like pizza & similar stuff like that – but not for a family of 3 lol.  This car is small but on the plus side it does have a seat belt instantly making it safer than a motorcycle.  They should find a way to put LED lights on the front tires just to make it better to be seen by other drivers.

  24. Bryan Willis says:

    If that 6800$ price tag is right…Its going to cause a huge shake up stir in the car world. Have a decent stereo. Make sure taller people can fit in it just fine. And for those of us who make long highway commutes with 1-2 people, super useful

  25. superbarnie says:

    Might as well get a motorcycle. 80mpg AND you won't look like an idiot.

  26. Tyler S says:

    12:1 is it direct fuel injection?

  27. squid boy says:

    1:46 nice nail in the tire, but looks repairable.  I would seriously consider buying one of these 'cars'.

  28. CodysDesigns says:

    The engine is a 3 cylinder geo metro engine, I believe it gets around 54 hp lol

  29. I was expecting, "look at this computer, you dont wanna fork over the cash when one of these bad boys break" or "3 wheels!? what were these german engineers thinking"

  30. D.A.W.G.s says:

    Ppl be wanting a futuristic 84 mpg car, and I'm over here wanting a 72 corvette stingray u.u 

  31. James Last says:

    Scotty, there's a nail in the rear tire!

  32. mustang4321 says:

    you forgot to mention that the real engine has not been built yet and that the engine in the production car is a geo engine !

  33. Manuel Sosa says:

    I'm so getting one …. Can't wait 

  34. MrBn45 says:

    So what is the saying if you get a 25 year old Mercedes Benz for free, from a relative, ???

  35. I'm not knocking the car, but I would need to feel how it handles puddles that sit in ruts on a stormy, rainy day with 30 – 35 MPH wind gusts while travelling at 65 MPH across a suspension bridge.  I'll bet it's too light, and hydroplanes like its made of fly paper.

  36. For four grand, I'd buy it.  But I wouldn't drive this or any three wheel vehicle with a single rear tire on the freeway in the rain.  Because if you hydroplane in this thing at freeway speeds…………..well, lets just say there isn't enough room in there to bend over and…….you get my drift.  He he.

  37. toophatdiego says:

    I was expecting a 4 wheel car….

  38. tubejim101 says:

    You had me till you said German engineered engine.  No thanks.

  39. Luis Lopez says:

    For only $6800? Oh hell yeah, I'll buy me one..

  40. eirefile says:

    Chris Fix reviewed this car yesterday.  The one he test drove looked exactly the same, but it was only a prototype, and it had a different engine than  the one that will actually be in it (I think it had a Geo Metro engine).   Until we see the "German engineered" engine, and can tell whether these will just become money pits like all German cars, I'm not going to be excited about this.

  41. Make a video of a Nissan Hardbody Idk I'de like to see a vid of my truck or a look around a Toyota Celica:)

  42. Jivan Naran says:

    I like it Scotty! Beats lugging around all those extra seats when it's only 1 person commuting

  43. I really dislike how it looks

  44. I'm not sure what the roads are like in the UK. It might be a good fit over there but there's no way I would take this thing on a Highway here in the US. 

  45. dcpvmax says:

    America is starting to look a lot like Europe, and I don't like it.

  46. Hey Chris from ChrisFix was driving this too! :D

  47. i've been eyeing these for the past years it seems like a fun little secondary ride, by no means a replacement for your everyday car but for a simple commute, pretty straight forward and cheap, base starting at 7 is good!

  48. HuiChyr says:

    Styling … interior and exterior… improve that, I'm pretty sure it'll take off.

  49. I swear hes gonna poke someone in the eye some day

  50. Chthonian121 says:

    I see a car like this on the road I only think one thing of the driver, complete tool

  51. Joey P says:

    What!?! Did I just heard "Redesign by German Engineering?" Probably falling apart soon like my parent Mercedes I guest, even @2.30 the door is flexing when he's leaning on it….Pass off for this one.

  52. Jamison Baur says:

    did you order one of these?

  53. Robert Drake says:

    I could see my wife going for something like this (she owns a smart) but not in orange.

  54. Good luck driving something like that in the rain or snow!

  55. Y10Q says:

    If they put it in production, I would buy one.  80  miles for $2.5, not even Chinese Communist trains are that cheap. And I am as cheap as they come. Right now I am paying $7.50 to go 80 miles.

  56. Hi Scotty, welcome to my backyard!
    I actually sat in this car last July at Comic Con. I had a bit of an tiff with the promoter because at that time the engine was much less powerful (max 80mph IIRC) and I pointed out the necessity of rapid acceleration on our on-ramps. I did love the physical design. It actually looks like the same car.

  57. xBuzz996 says:

    how much did you get for doing this commercial?

  58. jim bond says:

    This is the dumbest, cutest piece of shit i've ever seen

  59. Makes my economist look bad

  60. that door bend at 2:30 though…

  61. xxSourWingxx says:

    Everything was good until you mention German engineering lol. Had a BMW before, drained my pocket clean. If it doesn't cost much to maintain, I would definitely buy one when they are under mass produced.

  62. Trunk space.  The definition of what I don't want in a car.  If it has a trunk, I'll pass.

  63. Hey Scotty, I've seen a lot of your videos and you've single-handedly taught me a lot about cars! I'm currently 17 years old and soon to get a used car of my own to regularly maintain. Out of curiosity, if I had a budget of four thousand, what used vehicles should I look into? I know it's not a great budget, but you have to work with what you have. Also, how under how many miles should the car be under and what improvements should I make as soon as I get the car? Thank you!

  64. Super Cool !! ..I want one. My 4Runner only gets 16 mpg.

  65. 13 37 says:

    This thing is damn ugly.

  66. Neziwi says:

    First they pay ChrisFix to review this, then Scotty. Is EricTheCarGuy next? lol

  67. Mad Decent says:

    Hey Scotty thinking about buying 1989 Volvo 240DL wagon. Thoughts?

  68. Gastro Doc says:

    That instrument cluster looks like it came from the 90's.

  69. Hey scotty what do you think about Nissan?

  70. I like the idea of this car but I still want a Fiat 500 Sport $16,180 or FIAT 500 ABARTH $21,475.

  71. sswffg says:

    Scotty, Did  you meet ChrisFix there as well ? Cuz he did the same test drive for this car.

  72. Why do futuristic cars gotta have such a ridiculous look to it 

  73. the rear end needs some restyling

  74. But why do they have to make it so ugly

  75. This has so much plastic in it….

  76. CubanMafia says:

    na I don't like it look really bad

  77. PHGamer says:

    an interesting concept ill give it that. I won't immediately dismiss it since people drive small fiats. However, i believe most people would prefer more car and so sedans and crossovers will still reign and while it is true it is probably safer than an 80s car a bigger modern car will always be more safer due to more space for the crumple zones.

  78. Ben Higgins says:

    I could see it as some sort of fun car to drive around it or maybe take to a track or something.  It looks mainly like a DD to work n back kind of car, kinda useless for anything else.
    The thing that will probably destroy it is the price.  The idea of having something for when you need to haul some stuff or drive people around, then have that for work sound good, but who has the money/space?
    The speedo goes to 85 but it can hit 107?
    I could only see it getting that kind of mpg at 55mph.
    Then even more how does a vehicle with more wheels, weight, n drag get more mpg then a motorcycle? honda cbr 250 seems to have a max of 250.

  79. Luis Tirado says:

    Is it easy to fix?

  80. itsnotme07 says:

    Very interesting Scotty.  I took a job 45 mi from my home back in 2013.  Luckily I get to work from home 2-3 days a week, but some weeks of course, I spend 5 days in the office.  90 mi round trip.  I don't ride motorcycles….or do I? Now that I've seen this.  Cool stuff man!  Had been saving my pennies to possibly buy a "used" Tesla over the next couple of years…but no real service network here in Texas.  I'm gonna have to check Elio out.

  81. john wayne says:

    this car has been in san diego for yrs and will never come out, always excuses from the head people about when it will come out, they are just running out of money and no funds

  82. Georgeqaws says:

    lol couldn't do a burnout with this one eh Scotty. You had to add the sound. Front wheel drive and only 55 hp with traction control.

  83. They may want to pull that nail out of the tyre and plug it lol

  84. Toyota has a Camry wagon hydrid in Japan that gets 79 mpg. Why aren't we seeing this in the United States?

  85. What kind of transmission does it have?

  86. MegaWayneD says:

    It's been done! The Volkswagen Lupo 3L Diesel got around 78 miles to the US Gallon and that was a regular four wheeled car with four seats. Shame it was only ever sold in Germany. That said, I had a regular gasoline-powered Volkswagen Lupo and that averaged around 57 miles to the US Gallon.

  87. if thats the future of cars i may stop driving

  88. I've been waiting a few years for these.. looks like I'll be waiting a few more.  There really isn't anything special going on to make it what it is.  The only negatives I see are by today's laws, my kids would be required to wear a helmet in the back seat.  But I would use it for my daily commuter, so no issues there.  If there ever is a day I can walk onto a law and drive one away, I will be doing it.  Till then, there have been too many startup automotive companies that took in a ton of money and never produced anything.

  89. Microcars aren't for everyone. Some people have families or need to haul stuff.

    The Messerschmitt K200 was a 2 seater tricycle like this one, and doing 87 MPG in the 1950's.
    So what's new? A wider track and some airbags?
    The Elio is no more futuristic than a new Beetle, Mini or 500.

  90. Mikep1024 says:

    When you zoomed in on the tire…I noticed it had a nail stuck in it. You can see the head of it. Just pointing it out lol

  91. josh tattrie says:

    Liked your shirt in this video. Send me one! Lol.

  92. The bad thing about this cars is that they have to look so fkn stupid

  93. josh tattrie says:

    I remember the 1991 Honda Civic CRX HF model with the 5 speed trans would get 52 mpgs! Only had 62 horsepower, but it did get the job done. Fast forward to 2015 and it seems we have went backwards a bit on most naturally aspirated engines when it comes to mpg. The CRX even had AC! What gives!? Even the best hybrids have trouble getting that mileage!

  94. kevvg says:

    This is pure grade A junk. I know it, you know it, they know it, everyone knows it…

  95. Neo Quello says:

    Is that the future of the automobile… I fucking hope not..

  96. Fred Garvin says:

    Looks like a coffin

  97. JamesR3d says:

    looks like a Camaro steering wheel and seats (2010-2011).

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