Scotty Kilmer – How To Tell If You REALLY Need New Tires

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  1. STAY AWAY FROM DOUGLAS TIRES! I've already been through 6 of them in half a year. Yes my car is aligned. I switched to some nice Michelin tires recently and have 0 problems. Douglas tires must have bumps and stuff that make them blow super fast because wow 6 in half a year is just nuts (douglas is wallmarts cheapest brand) 

  2. would small cracks in the sidewall running with the circumference (rather than radially) be dangerous? the tires are only two years old and have plenty of tread left, but i only owned it for a few motnhes of that time so i dont know how they were previously treated

  3. My tires are only about two years old and are already cracking, but the treads are completely fine. Should I still replace them, or should I wait? I can't really afford to buy new tires. I'm a broke college student.

  4. Light 1988 says:

    well, stay away from anything chinese made as MUCH AS POSSIBLE if you can.

  5. Faisal Khan says:

    When i am waiting in redlight my car shakes,like trying to go back and forth even i press the break hard. And the rpm gauge goes up and down slighly. Specialy in winter when its very cold outside.i have 2004 toyota corolla ce. Can u please advice me or atleast give an idea what might be causing this?

  6. Pvulture b says:

    God bless, 10 year old tyre and still can go few miles on it… Oh god, I only did 6000 miles and having to already replace my tyre. Goodness gracious, what is this world coming to?…

  7. Taylor LaMar says:

    I like my tires how I like my girls.  Deep, black,  and thick.

  8. adbarrnz says:

    Nice video and channel! It might have been handy to point out the tread wear indicators and the date of manufacture stamped on the side of the tire. I replace mine six years after manufacture, regardless of tread remaining. Even if they aren't worn out or rotten, the ride often becomes too hard and noisy as the rubber dries out over time. In some cases, getting  a new set of tires has been like getting a whole new car! I also like to add 3 or 4 PSI over the pressure recommended in the doorjamb for better economy. Nice Mustang, by the way!

  9. I agree on what you say scotty, tires built few years back are always better then today's modern tires.

  10. If the Chinese aren't allowed to make cereal you shouldn't buy any safety related parts for your car from China.  Tires included!  Way to spread the word Scotty!

  11. DOLRED says:

    Scotty–we have two old Fords.  One is a '88 T-Bird.  It has Firestone Tires on it which are 10 years old this coming July!!  We have not driven it much since 2008 and it is a keeper/dust collector staying in the garage 99% of the time.  My thoughts about radial tires in the last 20 years are 1) They seem to harden up quickly becoming less able to handle winter traction and 2) Because of 1, they add a hardness element to the ride.  The T-Bird tires have developed a brown coloration around the sidewalls?  I see no dry rot nor any serious wear signs.  The tires have little thread wear, but you are right, Firestone has already claimed the manufacturer date on the tires makes them worn out.  I got suckered into buying tires for the '89 Ford because I drive it more, but now I wonder.     

  12. Nice looking Supra! Is it yours Scotty? 

  13. uhfnutbar1 says:

    i cant believe it!!! i never thought i hear some one say chines tires, the fkin corporation are using that cheep labor and no safety standers to get richer and it only screws your own country in end. 🙁  

  14. Jay Buller says:

    Hey Scotty I recently had my 2001 Toyota Corollas check engine light turn on I was told that it might be one of the sensors near the catalytic converter I think it was the O2 one. How urgent is it that I get it fixed?

  15. chvella says:

    When I got the van it had brand new Chines made tires they lasted 1 month no kidding. They broke around the full circumference on the inner wall. Here they cost around 50 euros each so they are very cheap but also quite dangerous.

  16. brad h says:

    I'm surprised that a shop would even plug a tire on the edge of the tread like that. Unless you did it yourself of course :)

  17. In the UK the tyres need a tread depth of at least 1.6mm throughout a continuous band in the centre 3/4 of the tread and around the entire circumference

  18. Doug Hunt says:

    Another good tip, bring your car in for alignment checks, check the owner's manual for service intervals. Or check out youtube for how to do a "shakedown" of a vehicle to see if any steering or suspension components need to be replaced. Alignment issues can be one of the main causes of premature wear on tires, which are costly as it is.

  19. Was that red car a Toyota Supra MK 2

  20. The Noid says:

    Those damn Chinos lol 40 ppl thumbsdown are chinos.

  21. eldom72 says:

    There are a lot great tires, American, European, and Asian. Goodyear, Continental, BFGoodrich, Dunlop, Cooper, Pirelli, Michelin, Bridgestone, Firestone, Yokohama, Falken, and Hankook are a few of the good ones. There's no need to buy cheap Chinese ones, you'll end up having to replace them anyway. I have Firestone on my car and Hankook on my mom's car and they're great tires.

  22. Lotusrk123 says:

    Tires will resist cracking from age better if you use a tire cleaner/protectant that has UV blockers. RV owners prop pieces of plywood beside their tires to keep the sun from shining on them. If I get cracks, I run them anyway, unless I'm going to Arizona where the temperatures are extreme and tires pop more easily. When I lived in Phoenix, I had to run Goodyear tires to resist the heat. In Colorado I run Michelin for long miles.

  23. Should I buy used tires? I don't have alot of money right now and need 1 new tire

  24. How can you tell some tire come from china or other company ?

  25. Nick Straw says:

    do what? take a big spit to california?

  26. Albinus81 says:

    Scotty, interesting that you state Chinese tyres are soft. Here in Australia, they're the exact opposite – a very hard compound that lasts for ages but corners poorly.

  27. MechRider89 says:

    rawr that mk2 supra! you willing to sell that hatch there scotty? haha

  28. Well the air thing has to do with the valve not the tire Scott. 

  29. indianarebel says:

    For my farm truck I get tires from a local junkyard and for my daily driver I get tires off of craigslist

  30. Kkupidknotz says:

    +Scotty Kilmer what tire air pressure do you recommend? I hear 35 psi is good.

  31. toofine9 says:

    something flew out your nose at 1:52..MIGHT OF BEEN SPIT

  32. Driving 120mph daily on Autobahn, one wont have balls to wait for metal to show up 😉 not even Big Herm after 3 six-packs of bear

  33. I totally agree Scotty,  they do not make things like they use to.  I bought a Maytag dishwasher 4 years ago and it already had one of its 2 pumps go out so the top rack does not wash very good because the rotator does not work.  My parents had their old dishwasher over 30 years.

  34. Max Martinez says:

    How can you tell how old your tires are? 

  35. Waleed Adnan says:

    Scotty, what about the 8 month old extremely noise tires here in Dubai its to hot any idea

  36. many new tire has a low bar build in that is at 2/32nd can tell you with out a penny. also rotate and tire need to replace every six years as per manufactor. Best tire is General tire for price and build.

  37. has anyone heard about runway tires? 

  38. Yep, I got some very small cracks in one tire (mostly on the side wall) but with no metal showing. But I don't drive but 30 miles a day.

  39. You should do a video about fixing the horn of the car :)

  40. Scotty
    I have an 07 F 150 SuperCab what type of tires would you recommend I get for that.
    They're 17 inch pretty expensive I'm going to have to buy two at a time. Maybe 6 months apart

  41. One thing is for sure Scotty…You need new front tires after that skidding stop!!

  42. Lol, you sure are right about things made in China and not just tires! It makes me sick how a lot of good companies (De Walt, Black & Decker, etc.) are having some, if not all of their products made in China. Don't they know the quality has gone way down and they are going to lose their "GOOD REPUTATION"?!

  43. SEBAS M says:

    Thanks Scotty. About the air staying in the tire isn't it more the contact between the wheel and tire and not the tire itself? 

  44. 647lapua says:

    that funeral car kills me

  45. My BX had Michelin MXL for 20 years… blowup last year hehe
    Great tyres.

  46. Ric G says:

    Why dose my 2011 town and country shake when backing up ???

  47. dslsandiego says:

    Need new tires? I will find the best deals for you for only 5 bucks!

  48. So should we buy Chinese tires or not?

  49. Sean Gomez says:

    Hey Scotty i have a 2002 nissan sentra it says that its supposed to have 14 inch tires and rims. I changed them to 16 inch tires and wheels. Now when i get up to 50 miles the steering wheel shakes. It also shakes when i try to slow down before it didnt do that. What should i do to stop the shaking?

  50. Sean Gomez says:

    Hey scotty i have a 2002 nissan sentra. It had 195/75 14 inch wheels and tires. I didnt like the look of the rims so i put on some extra rims i had laying around their size 225/95 16 inch. Now everytime i get more than 45 mph or brake around 45 the steering wheel shakes alot. What should i do make it stop shaking?

  51. I have been watching these for quite a while now and I finally realized that Scotty is sitting in a hearse as he says his ending line.. :D

  52. Robert Gross says:

    Scotty our 07 Moreno shakes at 60 on highway steering wheel and front of car. You think its alignment or warped rotors? Thnx

  53. good morning good sir, any idea on the difference between small and bigger tires and how they affect small engine cars, see on my 1.6 non turbo car, i had these 195/55r15 tires and i changed it to 205/55r15 not a big change but i actually felt the car a little weaker.

  54. ss4vegeta1 says:

    Scotty, my car has a slow leak in one of my rear tires. How would a mechanic find the area where air is escaping to patch?

  55. bj c says:

    How To Tell If You REALLY Need New Tires:

  56. RickTrajan says:

    A topic that Scotty didn't cover is that if you driven the tire with low tire pressure. If you driven the tire flat it may have shaved the inside of the sidewall, when this happens you need to replace the tire because it haves a weak sidewall. And don't trust that nitrogen thing, because when you have low tire pressure you will surely need more so as Scotty said, check your tire pressure. Some said if you got a low tire pressure your car will lean to that direction but I never had my tire pressure get too low so I can't say for myself. Over inflated tires will wear more in the center and lower tire pressure will wear the tires on the sides but if it wears closer to the sidewall you might need alignment or get your car checked.

  57. Anthony Hood says:

    What Scotty Kilmer taught me today:

    Don't buy Chinese tires.

  58. ThesexyMrX says:

    900 miles a year??

  59. Tigerfire75 says:

    Isn't there tire conditioners out there that help keep them from cracking?

  60. The front tires of my car are 5 years old and the wearing is bad, and i got a new set of tires last year and put them in the rear (Same drawing, brand, model, size)… Now it's been hard to find the same set to put in the front so my question is: The tire drawing really matters? I will have any trouble if i put a new set of tires with different drawing in front considering the same tire brand and size?

    Thanks in advance, Greetings.

  61. Frank Assnot says:


    "Before its TOO LATE" 


    Now that shit was funny

  62. What kind of tires are best for truck that are used to haul and tow a lot I also live in the country

  63. Dekota Lacey says:

    Who's 85 supra is that Scott kilmer…. I have one too, original two tone

  64. LOLKINGBABY says:

    No more Pirelli's for me, they were just bought out by a Chinese company

  65. jason chen says:

    I don't like this whole idea about "made in china"poor quality thing
    my laptop was made in china
    phone TV xbox etc and i got no problem with them nor because i am chinese
    you taught me a lot i do appreciated that

  66. I'm Chinese and I was offended. Lol jk Great work, Scotty!

  67. Jason Burt says:

    Nice red Supra there Scotty! Oh the 5MGE, what a nice smooth motor. When Toyota made those cars they made them right.

  68. I have some Chinese tires from Sailun that only costed around 400NOK ($80) a piece and they're still holding up after 1-2 years with no problems. Not the best, but if you're low on money it's better than no tires at all.

  69. Austin Lucas says:

    Funny thing is I was riding on dry-rotted tires from 1990-1994 in a 1984 Chevy Caprice at highway speeds until I got them replaced in 2014. I didn't drive the car much (I put maybe 2 to 3k miles on the old tires) and only got it in 2010, but still – What happened? They did hold together long enough and didn't leak air. Looks like I answered my own question, partially.

  70. HelpMezz94 says:

    Before its to late…oh hell nah!

  71. Thanks for this video,I know it will be helpful to people.I am having an issue with my 2010 Honda Accord and I hope you will be able to help.Recently I started noticing a little bit of shaking when I get to about 50/60 miles an hour and later I started feeling some shaking when I apply the brakes,of course I know this is as a result of bad rotors.I took the car to the shop for balancing and the car still keep shaking.
    I took the car to another shop for balancing again and it was done and the shaking still persist.I concluded that I have to change the rotors maybe that will solve the problem and I changed all the four rotors with new ones and to my surprise I still feel the shaking.Now I am at a cross road and I don't know what can be the problem.When I was changing the rotors,I checked all the tie rods,the arms,some other parts that I can check and everything seems to be okay.I thought that maybe one of the tires is twisted although they are almost new tires but if that is the case it should have been discovered when I took it to the shops for balancing. 
    I will really appreciate all that you can do to help me identify and solve this problem

  72. giboron says:

    hi love your video I have a 92 s10 blazer and it wont idle and some times it wont start right up I got to give it some time and I got a 88 ranger and it smokes some times

  73. Hey Scotty, I have a question. My car has a mysterious shake around 15 to 20 mph. It feels like it is coming from the front end, but I have been unable to find anything that seems to cause it. Neither have the few mechanics I have taken it to. It is worse after the car warms up. Originally i thought it was a bad motor mount, so i replaced the one that was bad. That didn't help. So i took it by a shop and they said an alignment, well it had a fresh alignment so i had it checked and it was within spec. So they didn't have anything else to say. i took it to another shop where they said it was the transmission going bad. That sounds unlikely with how well I take care of the car, but I took it to a third and fourth shop and the third was stumped, but the fourth said it could be a wheel bearing. I had already asked that of the other shops and the others said no because the wheel had no play. This mechanic said some vehicles won't allow for any play even with a wheel bearing. So I am confused. Do you have any recommendations?

  74. How many miles do you have on your shocks? The front end will shake at speeds from tires bouncing around from old shocks. I bet yours have over 100k. I change mine at 80k kyb the manufacturer for toyota says change them at 50k.

  75. No Way says:

    Funny how Scotty didn't choose to poke out of the back of that funeral service vehicle, how he normally does with others. 

  76. CanadianPyro says:


  77. What about Canadian tires? They're square over there.

  78. Clyde Ng says:

    How exactly do you know if they're Chinese? Are Kumho tires (Korean) any good?

  79. Locks L says:

    Hey scotty , what could be the cause of a squeak like sound on the front part of the vehicle 01 escort zx2, front driver side.. when the car is stopped it squeaks when i apply pressure on it  and when i am moving it also squeaks , makes me think it might be the springs ..what do you think?

  80. Paul Jason says:

    Scotty, I wonder what Kumho has to say about your vid.  Can you get in trouble with this? I hope not. Anyway, thanks,that name alone sounds shady to me.

  81. takeshima27 says:

    i live in japan, you almost never get rip off her

  82. Bob says:

    Mmmm. The murricans have yet to master the art of ABS on their cars.

  83. Abe Lincoln says:

    Damn, a  Cressida, one of the best Toyotas ever brought to the US

  84. David B says:

    I'm a BIG fan of using nitrogen instead of air for tires.
    My local public transit system uses it in all of their buses so you know it's worthwhile.

    What a pleasure it is to only rarely have to add nitrogen since nitrogen molecules are larger than oxygen and they lose pressure far more slowly.

    There are other benefits as far as tire wear if you care to look into it.

  85. abbas2047 says:

    hello, i have a ford fiesta 2004. how do i know how much air pressure is needed for my tires? think my wheel size id 17 inches. cheers

  86. Max Burgess says:

    1:53 noooo 900 miles a YEAR???!! thats literally impossible

  87. Kramer S says:

    Dry rot is something you always need to check on your vehicle's tires. I've learned that until me and my dad finally found a decent vehicle for me. I think tires may be the most neglected thing on a vehicle. 

  88. knifelover73 says:

    I absolutely love that supra.

  89. nico74321 says:

    scotty you a legend sir, love your vid keep !

  90. Big Redd says:

    Thanks!! Hahaha ur sweet 

  91. Nix6p says:

    Why not just use the tyre wear indicators?

  92. Scotty – You are absolutely correct about Chinese tires. I thought I got a bargain a few years ago until I spun out on a bit of rain and did $800 worth of damage to my rear axle.
    It pays to invest in Continentals or Vredesteins.

  93. noseefood says:

    i had headway hh301 chinese made tires for over 40k miles and had no problem, good grip dry or wet, quite, and smooth.

  94. Scotty, what's your opinion about using tire beads to balance you tires vs lead weights. Ever since I got my tires changed and beads put in, my truck shakes at certain speeds

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