Scotty Kilmer – How To Safely Replace Suspension Struts On Your Car

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  1. PS Monroe is not the only company that makes these

  2. everss02 says:

    Ha, I did my springs with nothing but hand tools and the free autozone tool. Not fun, but I'm cheap lol

    Amazon acdelco coils are very nice, huge upgrade from the junk Nissan ones, way stiffer 

  3. James says:

    $1000? you get get a cheap one for like 40

  4. A little dramatic when releasing that spring tension.

  5. furonable says:

    How often should you replace these?

  6. TIKIMAN198 says:

    Hey Scotty, My rear tires were making a cupping noise. After I rotated them, the front tires were making the cupping noise making me believe the rear struts are bad and causing the cupping. Would replacing the struts in the rear help prevent this in the future?

  7. Greg Ramirez says:

    What is the cost difference between the complete set versus just the shock?

  8. Djonkie Bonk says:

    Scotty. I'm doing some work on my Mom's 02 MB E320 and was thinking Textar brakes and pads. Have you used them? I figured a good combo would be Zimmerman rotors and Akebono pads but the Textars seem to be a pretty sweet deal.

  9. bmwmsport11 says:

    So what is the point of torque wrenches? I mean if you can tighten the bolt til it doesn't move anymore, isn't that enough? I used a torque wrench on my intake manifold and ended up snapping a bolt in half. Did it after by hand and no issues since.

  10. JMunn55 says:

    +Jay Santos my 4Runner had a saggy rear. And terrible ride. Was gonna do springs and shocks, but I just did springs and it made it way better. Now it makes me realize how bad the fronts are. Those are next. And I'm replacing them with Tundra struts

  11. Lion Star says:

    Monroes got jealous of KYB

  12. One day someone will invent the strut with a quick cheap interchangeable pressure cylinder core for $10 and also invent some bushing repair liquid goop that sets in an hour for $5. That's all that ever goes on these.

  13. Karen Kanar says:

    $100 a pair vs $360 with springs ? now your talking like a rich person!!!

  14. 3.141 59 says:

    We don't need no stinkin torque wrench.  Isn't that what a breaker bar is for?

  15. tpembert says:

    I love your videos, but get tired of the opening theme. Just prefer the video to start with out an opening theme, even though I just jump forward anyhow. Had to install adblock to get around the annoying ads too.

  16. t dub says:

    Wish I've seen this video months ago when I had to replace my struts. Not to mention align up the springs in the struts and holes is a pain in the ass. Should I ditch my new struts and old springs, cover and buy new quick install ones

  17. James Last says:

    Don't use those cheap Chinese made struts…they are crap!

  18. Hey scotty, my 2002 taurus has 175000 miles on it. I noticed it's running rough and it takes 5w20 motorcraft synthetic blend oil.
    After a oil pressure test came back it's losing 1-2 pounds of pressure. Mechanic says it's the main rod bearings…
    What can I do?. I don't want to go too thick but what do you suggest before I run it into the ground?

  19. Was that your cat at the beginning of the video?

  20. I love your channel!!!

  21. hostilityy says:

    ok I swear you've done this video like 6 times lol

  22. vinceleto says:

    Definitely the way to go for a diy'er and or if the struts have millage and years on them since the springs will tend to sag a bit. I've used kyb shocks and have also used sensen with good results. Shockwarehouse and rockauto have some good deals. Scotty, have you done a video on airbags? I installed rear airbags on my 2010 grand caravan and on my 03 altima. Airbags make a big difference in ride and stability

  23. hostilityy says:

    1:02 for those of y'all that think this wasn't much nor dramatic, it wasn't under much pressure. if it were fully compressed with the spring compresser tool you rent from auto zone, and for some reason it pops out or breaks free from that tool under pressure, several broken bones instantly, but if it's your head it hits, well you'll be dead before getting to the hospital. I've seen a few amateurs get hurt.

  24. Tyler Dubbs says:

    Scotty just bought a 99 Dodge Ram 1500 and every couple bumps I hit it makes a grinding noise like metal on plastic any idea and when I start up a steep hill I lose all A/C any ideas ? 

  25. My Fav part @ 1:26 
    Awesome tips and tricks Scotty. Thanks for sharing.
    Aloha and take care

  26. JOE FORD DIY says:

    scotty  hi how do you like your air cat wrench ?   what happened to your earthquake ?
    I have the air cat 1150   its one powerful impact wrench  and at a grate price

  27. +Scotty Kilmer
    I cut the corner real hard and hit a curb and my car stalled on me, left me stranded for about 1 hr and a mechanic pulled up and fixed my car, it turned out the fuel system shut down when it felt that big bang, and thought i was in a accident. So i was wondering if you can do a video on how to reset a fuel system automatic shut off system.

    P.s thanks for your great videos!


  28. Welder Nate says:

    Don't think I could replace my front struts on my 2006 Silverado without this tool.

  29. Col Eglinton says:

    Hey scotty i think youve got so many car vidios that your running out of ideas

  30. CarlWong510 says:

    1.04 I bet you hurt yourself removing the spring like that. If any time I need to remove the spring and I don't have a big tool (0.46) , what better alternative ways I can use?

  31. amjad amj says:

    great information thanks Scotty

  32. JOE FORD DIY says:

    scotty  just curious how com you did not get the new model 1/2 earthquake  impact wrench?   I wish they still made the old model I really wanted one   but I picked up the new version and its pretty good   does the job.  also what air cat model did you get ?

  33. Hey Scotty, I have a 1999 ford mustang. When I turn the steering wheel the power steering pump screams like crazy. I already changed the power steering fluid but it did not help. Is there anything I can do to lessen the noise? Thanks.

  34. I got problem with merceds benz c230 2005

    The problem is battary altrenator 

  35. To know the right torque . Which website should I go to.

  36. but dem rims, tho.

  37. Great to see an axle stand. Good job.

  38. thooke222 says:

    How did you know my strut broke this week!?

  39. OnyshadowGz says:

    Last week I just paid a mechanic 500$ total to replace the struts of my NIssan Atlima 2008, I asked why so expensive, he explained that both struts cost about 250$ KYB-  Then since my tires had special lug nuts, and there was no key..

    Wish I would've seen your video sooner.

  40. Hi Scotty, I have a 2001 toyota 4runner sr5. Quite a while back I had to hit the brakes really hard to avoid an accident. the VSC TRAC, VSC OFF and Check Engine lights all came on immediately. I have tried to clear them with a scan tool and also thru the under hood diagnostics port using instructions I found online. Nothing helps. they go off for a few seconds then come right back on. any ideas you can help me with?

  41. Great video, I'm super happy that you did this on your wife's matrix, because I need to replace both rear strut assemblies on my 2003 XRS Matrix with the quick struts, they're banging like crazy over bumps, sounding like the rear's bottoming out. Looks like a great easy procedure for a nice weekend. What are the torque specs you used?

  42. Hey Scotty I just replace my front struts (Monroe) for my 2004 Toyota Corolla and put the same factory bolts and I went to Sears for an Alignment and they told me that I need to buy Alignment Cam Bolt Kit to make better the alignment in my car, is it necessary to buy those Alignment Cam Bolt Kit or can I keep my factory bolts? They also told that I need some shims if I’m planning to replace my rear struts. What is your opinion?

  43. itsyourboiD says:

    Hey Scotty. I have a Nissan Altima 2008 and as soon as I turn the car on the engine temp is normal but after I drive it for a while the temperature goes up on every stop or when I put it in parking. I have coolant and there is no leak. I took it to a mechanic and they said the radiator was clogged but they try to change me 1,400 to fix it which is a rip off ofcourse 

  44. Tinu Thomas says:

    Is it weird that I'm 14 years old and I'm attached to these videos and I'm on a marathon of all of these videos by Scotty?

  45. I have a 95 acura integra and the car starts but won't stay on and won't pass 2,500rpm what could it be?

  46. Slicknick 48 says:

    hi scotty,i was wondering on my 1996 Toyota camry is there a bleed valve or 2 in my engine?..i need a coolant drain or flush and I was just curious.Thanks

  47. sbusumacinta says:

    Do I need an alignment job after the DIY replacement?

  48. Thanks a lot Boss ..

  49. SOGFLY1 says:

    Hey scotty i have a 2008 mazda 3 sedan i changed the shift solenoids but shift solenoids still come up as a code please help

  50. Josh Wheeler says:

    Hey Scotty I need help doing this exact job on my 98 Riviera. The bolts that hold the assembly to my steering knuckle are seized on and I don't have a torch to heat them up to get them off (its not practical for me to buy one right now either) my shop wants too much for the job and alignment and if I'm gonna pay to have it done I'd like you to do it. I'm in Houston and would like to set an appointment. Sent you an email about it. Hope you can help.

  51. Jim Fusco says:

    Hi Scotty,  What's your opinion on these manufacturers that recommend replacing  shocks/struts at 50,000 miles? Is there some truth to that. Thank you Scotty

  52. +Scotty Kilmer
    Hey Scott I have a pontiac g6 2006
    When I drive down roads and hit bumps sounds like something is wiggling in my wheel or axel can't tell exactly where it's from but sounds like a loose wagon wheel spinNing fast it might be a bushing I'm not sure 

  53. Ira Friedman says:

    Hey Scotty I've seen torque wrenches for like $800 which require careful monthly calibration 

  54. jag71sg says:

    Hey Scott I have a 94 z28 camaro every time i try to excelerate I feel a huge knock as if we hit a bump or something , it doesn't happen if I step on the gas slowly and gradually build up speed 

  55. Good video.  Thank you.

  56. naruto94ever says:

    Hi, if my car make noises like loosing air when go over a bump, do i need to replace the suspension?

  57. steffens28 says:

    I think that was missing "Brought to you by Monroe quality suspension parts."

  58. Can you do the front struts the same. Way???…

  59. Arthur Evans says:

    2015=Liked (Vid, & Vette)

  60. dan says:

    Scotty what do you think about cut springs

  61. Bladsmith says:

    Hey Scotty, any ideas on the easiest way to get behind my dashboard on the driver's side? I need to wire in a switch for my radiator fan. It's a 1994 Vectra.

  62. Bud Phillips says:

    At 0:21 there goes Lucy. lol

  63. Jhos Dlada says:

    Jhos Dlada1 second ago  ·  Shared publicly 


    Hey Scotty did your cat learn to fix the cars too?

  64. Hey Scotty, I have a 2004 f150 4×4 Lariat 5.4L 3V, 

    Im going to be replacing my front struts, and the bottom bolt/nut requires a torque spec of 350 ft/lbs but my torque wrench only goes up to 250 ft lbs. I do not have the money to spend to buy a bigger torque wrench, or torque multipliers. Any suggestions?

  65. Monroe is the way to go I have found after researching it and putting cheap Chinese quick struts on my car.

  66. damn, i missed the cat the first time.

  67. dcfs2005 says:

    Good advice, I replaced my struts on all 4's on a Corolla, but when I hit bumps it still bottoms out in the rear, I never did replace the coils springs. A mechanic told me that was the reason why. I am too lazy to re-do the job and dish out more money. KYB's are the best. Also, on Corollas, you have to bleed the brakes as well. I had to replace two brake lines too.  It was too much work,.

  68. bit of an advert…but I guess you got to make a living.  I like the "how not to f*ck your car up videos when you try to save a few quid" ;o)  Keep up the good work.

  69. Hello Scotty, On my 06 Ford Taurus SE 3.0L Vulcan the top torque strut's bushing is torn and separated and when applying brakes coming from high to low speed the steering wheel vibrates, should all 3? torque struts be changed and are those the reason for vibrating steering wheel? Thank you

  70. My Nam says:

    are these just OEM replacements?
    and are they universal?  will fit any car and model?

  71. radeakins says:

    Hey scotty, my turn signals have stopped working on my Cadillac brougham, oddly so has the horn. The fuse and relay are fine and the hazard switch works fine. I'm thinking its the turn signal switch. Any other ideas?

  72. VWGTI says:

    scotty im a pretty big guy with a pretty small car(VW GTI 2013) I hear a light hum, I think on the driver side. I bought new tires and it still hear it, do u think it might be my suspension? I do weigh 286 lbs and im 6ft.  U think I might need new springs already? As I mentioned b4 my car is a 2013 but I bought in 2012. So this August it`ll be 3yrs old.

  73. DatCarGuy310 says:

    Hey scott, what happens if you put 5w20 instead of 5w30? It's a 99 Expedition that needs 5w30. Will this damage the engine? Mechanic put 5w20 instead of 5w30

    PS: the temperature here is around 65-75 and will be hotter in a couple of weeks

    Also, the 5w30 oil was synthetic but the mechanic put 5w20 synthetic too. 

  74. J. Her says:

    How do you know or tell if you need to replace struts?

  75. Jim Green says:

    I replaced all 4 struts on my 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP with the Monroe Quick Struts. The upside: It was relatively easy as you showed in the video; the downside: the ride was about the same as stock without the bounce-bounce-bounce after each bump in the road. Too bad Monroe don't offer the Quick Struts with their better struts.

  76. you are excellent for internet searchers for their personal car problems

  77. Adam Arab says:

    Scotty can I chop the spring on my 2005 Honda accord and put them back on for ghetto low riding?

  78. zoltangz1 says:

    What do you do if replacing the whole strut assembly with the Monroes leaves your camber adjustment out of whack, and there is no adjustment, on a Toyota Avalon for example ??

  79. i'll have to see if they make ones for smarts, i got 7-1/2 years and 61K miles, seems ok, i just put in a high performance motor mount today, only difference is the engine idle now vibrates the car  LOL (very stiff, no wiggle from original mount, that seems like new, saving it, just in case)

  80. Nathan Beeby says:

    Hi Scott, I have just replaced offside and nearside front springs, drop links and lower control arms on my ten year old car. I usually do all my maintenance myself from your vid tutorials but on this occasion I had to drop it into my local garage because of a busy schedule. I supplied them the parts as I was planning on doing the job myself.  When I road tested after picking it up it there was horrendous noise from the front end that was not there before, to me it sounds like spring noise/strut orientated as its only when I drive over bumps ect. its terrible. its squeaking, bumping noise like the springs are doing all the work and not the strut.  So obviously I took it back a bit pissed they had not obviously done a road test, the noise is so prominent. I left it with them to rectify. They double checked their work and now are recommending that I should probably change the strut tops and struts to eliminate, they are inexpensive so I think its a good idea. I have double checked all my parts that I supplied, they are oem quality and are correct. The fact that its doing this both sides is bugging me though, I can not help but think they might have built the strut up incorrectly, perhaps the top mount assembly.  Or I thinking this is a coincidence that stripping down has exposed another issue in struts ect.  They are Peugeot/Citroën mechanics and have always done good quality work for me when I have used them. Bloody annoying.  The car is a citroen xsara Picasso.

  81. Cesar Alvizo says:

    Hey scotty what's your favorite whisky? 

  82. Biosynthnut says:

    Does Monroe make these for all makes n models or just select few? I have a 04 Scion xb in dire need of new front struts.

  83. Joshua Burns says:

    show me how to slam my 96 kia forte

  84. Hey Scotty, i'm having difficulty installing my Monroe rear struts on my Toyota Corolla 2004. Is there any special tool to install them or any tips on how to install them.

  85. Lpedraja2002 says:

    Hey Scotty, I'm about to change the struts in my 98 Mirage LS. I'm a little worried that I will need to change the coil springs since the car has been riding extremely low for a while now and still has the stock springs and struts. How do I know if the coil springs need to be changed?

  86. Ryan4233 says:

    this dude is super goofy, really explains things well. I LOVE IT!!!!

  87. Do you know of a ready made strut like these for a 2002 toyota highlander AWD? Monroe doesn't seem to make them for my car.

  88. ELIS KUCEVIC says:

    scotty used the certified German torque method. Good-en-tight.

  89. And these struts aren't the $1000 struts found in the Mercedes vehicles.

  90. sirenz flex says:

    always put a smile on my face. appreciate it keep the videos coming.

  91. Linkjoy123 says:

    Wasn't there another video you showed how to compress the spring though? Or are you just promoting the Monroe quick struts? Spring compressors are like 50 buckls from adv auto.

  92. idaho524 says:

    Love this guy. Helped me fix my jeep several times. Now i watch for entertainment until something else goes wrong.

  93. starionnsw says:

    i like this channel ,, deal with it

  94. looks like monroe dropped some cash on both +EricTheCarGuy and +Scotty Kilmer .

  95. LAGGYRAGE says:

    Umm. What are you supposed to do with the old spring loaded struts after?

  96. I wish you were my neighbor! better yet my dad, will you adopt me?! I'll work for you as an intern, just feed me! haha great videos! happy fathers day

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