ScannerDanner – Ignition testing with a scope (Secondary Waveforms)

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  1. In this case study I use a secondary ignition pattern to ID the cause of the misfire. 

  2. Hi Paul, Would your probe work with the original Vantage?

  3. bgregg55 says:

    as soon as u said the wires had recently been changed I thought check for poor routing/securing of the wires around the firewall side that has lead to heat damage to the wire insulation. seen that too many times.

  4. Steve Rob says:

    I liked it – nice tool will have to check it out.

  5. rhkips says:

    "How do you make that call without a scope?"

    P0302; suspect Cyl. #2, check companion if waste spark.  Spark tester at end of each plug wire; if good inspect plugs, if bad connect directly to spark tower; if reading good inspect wire, if bad inspect coil.

    Troubleshooting brain-speak, but that's pretty much the path my brain follows.

  6. moshe2002 says:

    i hope to see more videos more often.
    anyway, thx

  7. Stanley Hill says:


  8. To test wires w/o scope, break out ohm meter?

  9. wtbm123 says:

    Thinking that ,Moving the 2 and 5 wires to different spot would then set a new misfire code to where you moved them  . would not be as fast .

  10. With no scope we use the good old water spray on the wires

  11. mike withers says:

    Nice, I make my own spark plug wires cause Im tired of crappy wires prematurely failing and of course fitment issues. It's a little time consuming but my wires don't fail.

  12. DJDevon3 says:

    Wish you would have done a resistance test before pulling it apart.  Think that would have shown an issue?

  13. "i'm gonna make this one real quick" 9 minute video

  14. busjockey1 says:

    Thanks for sharing that Paul.  You should do some more ignition videos showing different scenarios, I'm still new to this type of diagnostics, but I'm starting to realize if you can understand the waveform, you can asses the mechanical condition of the engine very quickly.  Have a happy 4th.

  15. measuring resistance between the two ends of the wire will be helpful for checking the wire .

  16. Tom Smith says:

    Good diagnosis Paul, nice to see you using ignition scope, good probe you have there, not a very good new plug lead, poor quality, does the scope have a Vertical Parade on, would be easier to see with that, vertical line for each cylinder, one would have been right off the scale, I used to use Sun Analizers cheers from England….Fred.

  17. Paul dont you think that you use alot if electric complicated tools that needs a good introduction to the viewer so that the understanding would be completed . I hope you make a video to introduce these tools and take time with it . Wish all the best for you ? 

  18. Frankie V says:

    I bought that paddle probe from aeswave with my modis. It works just as well and more affordable.

  19. wilber duran says:

    Thanks teacher scanner 

  20. 8power0 says:

     Great video i am using a paddle probe and a fluke 192 scopemeter i think if you had switch the plug wires and look on the scantool in misfire counters and dtc's you should have seen it .

  21. Yeah. You can do that with vacuum line and a test light. It's nice to have a scope

  22. 12vgs8606 says:

    What was the original problem before shop replaced wires and spark plug?  Or was that the routine maintenance done?  Here is a classic case of why I prefer not to let professional lay hand on the car unless it is absolutely necessary!

  23. Could you have not used you test light and shoved it in the end of the spark plug wire and tested the strength of the spark and then removed the wire and stuck it in the coil socket of that cylinder 

  24. elbuchepelon says:

    I can not get the partter using wizaprobe at muy vantage pro,do you can hel my

  25. elbuchepelon says:

    T.k. 4 you answer, you book an vídeos helped me a lot, sorry but muy letter es not well written un inglhis, i am 4 México…

  26. James Palmer says:

    I thought on a waste spark system that meant the spark from one cylinder went back through the other cylinder? 

  27. what made you think that it wasn't the 2? both wave forms were bad.

  28. J. Stewart says:

    Fast and furious diag, I like it.

  29. I agree with Abdulalah Faraj—- Paul is a smart guy but please Paul show how you hook up the tools to the scope in all your videos. What good is it to see the wave if we do not understand how to hook up all the different tools.  I bought a used modis and your book,, but trying to find (somewhere) how to hook the all the different leads or attachments  (low amp– high amp— and so on) and all the other attachments that i may have gotten with the used modis)so i can get to the point where i can see the waveforms– is a full time job. Snap on sucks as far as finding info on line showing hook ups. I have yet to find any info anywhere that explained what the personality keys were used for or where they plugged in. I finally figured it out on my own. Even the multi meter i had trouble hooking up the leads. I have a video from snapon showing  that their modis ( i guess a different model) hooks up at channel 3 and 4, but their video shows a volt/ohm symbol at 3 and 4..   (i tried mine that way no luck) Mine just shows just ohms. So i hooked up at– black ground– red channel 1– then it worked. And it goes on and on….. Please show the hook ups,,,  Or maybe my modis is broken,, but how would i know?  Maybe if i had the 6,000 cash to buy a brand new scope it might have come with all the books that show all the hook up info??? Maybe ? So the bottom line is,,,, that the videos and your book have lots of value with those that grew up in the trade or go to school where questions can be asked. FRUSTRATED— I am a master 30 year carpenter/foreman/superintendent.. but an idiot in modis hook up…. LOL Somebody please start showing tool hook ups for us trying to learn…

  30. B2Taste says:

    Just use spark plug tester…Problem solved! :)))))

  31. rabhsah1 says:

    Hey paul, awesome videos. Is this the only tool (wyze) that is out there or can be used for testing secondary waveforms with the scope? Or at least, the easiest?

  32. Shameel Ali says:

    To the guys wondering how to hookup the scope and probes see Paul's other videos and his book there's every single thing you need to know and more,if u can't figure it out from there…Change jobs just saying

  33. Another great video. Now i want want wise probe. Scoping is fun. i like fues box testing or amp testing power wires, quick and to the point. You make the best videos. You have so many and I watch them daily now. With out video that was a 5 minute diag. It's like a hunting expedition. 


  35. 170324341a says:

    would that wire have sparked an hei spark tester?

  36. Vince says:

    On a waste spark system do u need to use that probe iam getting the rpm. Clamp and that clamp probe will that work with that system

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