ScannerDanner – How to test a coolant temperature sensor (ECT sensor test)

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11 Responses

  1. Tests shown in this video can be applied to ALL thermistors

  2. anajay78 says:

    Sounds like it has a knock.

  3. 170324341a says:

    Thanks for the video, Paul. I'm reading your book — tremendously valuable purchase and I'm glad I finally bought it. When you ground a circuit related to a thermistor you can do that only because the circuit has its own internal resistor, correct? Or is there another reason?

  4. Joseph Tucci says:

    Nice job Paul.I am thinking that the fans are controlled by yet another sensor Honda did that for a long time.

  5. j georges says:

    Good video an info as always thank you and cheers.

  6. Steve Rob says:

    Awesome demonstration on substituted values. Hum " online engine performance class" didn't know about this, I know about the premium YouTube channel. Paul what's the online class all about ?

  7. Thanks man, that explains why I was getting same readings on my Chevy using factory mode, thought it was the wiring, have to do test again, thanks a lot

  8. Nick Nicu says:

    Thanks for the video Paul. That engine sounds like it's knocking.

  9. Amy Browning says:

    wanted to see you do the other 2 cars.loved it

  10. Techmisfire says:

    Enjoyed watching this on my lunch break

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