Motor Trend Channel – Struts, Sway Bars & More! 2005-2009 Mustang Handling Upgrades – Hot Rod Garage Ep. 15

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20 Responses

  1. When will we be able to see that vid where the Hellcat gets put through that hell?

  2. Rtvoll says:

    I don't think any modern car will even be running 30-40 years from now modern cars have SO much planned obsolescence in them.

  3. still waiting for that chevelle

  4. Derek Fetzer says:

    Hi my name is caleb and I am 11 years old and i was wondering if you guys could do a roadkill episode where you bring the f bomb camaro to minnesota

  5. Shoes = Feet Prisons!

  6. U NEVER MEASURED THE P SPRINGS? What is wrong with u??

  7. 707 goes derby ,and you didn't show us that scene , that international crime

  8. flsh0 says:

    give Finigan

  9. Nvh is noise vibration and harshness not harmonics 

  10. xxRamD3yruxx says:

    let that shit GROW!

  11. MrBikeguy99 says:

    you guys should do a z28 or trans am

  12. The Prius is the Villain of our automotive cinematic, and it sure does play a damn good one. For every good, fantastic car, we've got one that's bland, or boring, or cheap.

    It's how the world works. ;)

  13. Would you loco's install Nitrous kit in the muscle car? x)

  14. Would the Ford Racing Kit make the car more manageable around town (to a noticeable extent)? Or is it just for autoX and that marginal second?

  15. zach tyler says:

    i love watching this show while drinking.. best show ever!! ~vodka~ just in case your wondering//

  16. zach tyler says:

    did the new shocks change the toe at all?

  17. 97dakotaman says:

    Because Ford, ahhhahahahahahaa.

  18. I realize this is a pretty old video (2 months!) but I want to clarify something.  On the S197 chassis car, a stiffer front swaybar will NOT increase understeer while autocrossing with most conventional lowering springs.  The only remote exception to that would be the H&R Race Springs, MM Track springs and the BMR Handling springs.  Why?  It's quite simple.  A MacStrut front suspension has the most awful camber curve known to man kind of any "independent" suspension (swing axle is the worst).  By increasing front roll resistance you actually keep the tires in a happier place in the camber curve and improve front end grip.  This holds true all the way up until about 450lbs/in front springs with a standard 35mm front swaybar.  

    Also, the strut tower brace on these cars does absolutely nothing for reducing alignment changes during body roll.  The rubber bushings, even poly bushings, flex so much more that the effects of an STB is negligible for increasing car stiffness.  The S197 is also a really stiff car to begin with.  Same holds true for subframe connectors on this chassis.

  19. Please correct me if I'm wrong here,  but isn't the FRPP Handling Pack the upgraded version of the Steeda Ultra-Lite Spring / Tokico D-Spec shock/strut suspension kit?  I thought I heard that somewhere a while back.

  20. I always wondered why Lincoln Tech kids were such idiots.  Looks like the reason isn't lack of attention or incomplete instructions; Lincoln Tech apparently endorses "fuck torque wrenches" and "why use a caliper when you can adjustable wrench + ruler".

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