Motor Trend Channel – Draguar vs Randy Pobst! Roadkill Ep. 41

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20 Responses

  1. That XJ6 probably handles better than most of the cars featured on this show

  2. Greg Hauser says:

    Totally got blue-balled on the Rotsun lol

  3. Korbin Gates says:

    Would the Datsun ever go up for sale

  4. buffbackwell says:

    im freaking LOVE IT

  5. mikie g says:

    Great episode. And to everyone in the comment don't complain. It a fun show. 

  6. Tea and crumpets covered in Jack Daniels!!!!! This needs to be a t-shirt!!!!!

  7. You guys should get rid of that piece of shit 4.3 and put a better engine in that car. The 4.3 is notorious for not being able to handle sustained high revs due to it being unbalanced and uneven firing, as well as not able to withstand any amount of boost because of the head gasket design. Also that thing has been nothing but trouble. I get that being editor of Hot Rod you're all about American muscle, but I think an L28ET from a 280z turbo would be a much better choice, especially with that big ass Powerstroke turbo. Or hell drop a Ford 4.6 in it. LS has been done to death, and the Chevy 350 has been done to death 100 times over. Since it's turbo, why not a 283? Small enough to fit under the hood, plenty of performance available, will rev to the moon, and should bolt to the existing trans. Chrysler 3.5 v6 is fairly tough too. Or the 3.2 from the Crossfire.

  8. I want Randy to be Roadkills Stig. Hes awesome!

  9. Scott F says:

    Randy is a solid guy and fun to have on show!!!

  10. Matt Perrin says:

    My heart broke when I saw the vette cart

  11. Sad to see the vette cart be rusty

  12. lol when david says "maybe not fr your entertainment but ours" its like ive beeen cracking up the whole time over here thinking this may have take the cake for funniest episode of roadkill atleast lol

  13. Drock says:

    You guys should make randy a host…. He is perfect for the show!

  14. G Ledesma says:


    TEARS OF JOY!(and some exhaust)

  15. bom bom bom bom WAAAAAH! 14:50

  16. ronnelandrae says:

    I watched all your videos and loved all of them but this one is not cool. You shouldn't drive anything that is leaking any kind of slippery oily fluid on public roads. That is so irresponsible. You shouldve put it on a wrecker and put a pan under it. That ATF puddle will definitely cause accidents especially for motorcycles. I mean come on guys, it's on an intersection where stopping is a matter of life or death. Too far guys… too far… public safety first before funny.

  17. Today's Randy's bday June 26*

  18. acerdavidii says:

    I'd say you need to have Randy back on a regular basis once the restraining order lapses……Great Episode guys!

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