Motor Trend Channel – 1975 AMC Gremlin: The Legend Revisited! – Ignition Ep. 129

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20 Responses

  1. We love Pintos and Vegas because we LOVE wedging V8s into them! Smoke Stangs and Cameros with a lot of money to spare!

  2. Deadnstien says:

    A buddy of my Dad's loved them, he bought many over the years. He said they made the best Demolition Derby cars.

  3. So ugly it's pretty.

  4. Richard Rowe says:

    I'll bet for the price of one Mercedes SLS Black, you could buy literally every single Gremlin on the road today.

  5. had the same door handels as my moms amc ambassador

  6. Mark L says:

    why the hell are you guys not doing more ROAD KILL??????

  7. Road Kill cast offs make the big time! The Gremlin was just a basic budget hack. And is still around 40 years later. Unlike the Prius!
    Having the intake and exhaust on one side is so common for the era. Chev 6s did, Ford 6s did, BMC did as did many makes and models. and it has pushrods too, just like an LS!! 
    I think the poor thing got some bad fuel and crap in the carb.

  8. carl gruver says:

    I would think  that anyone from motor trend good drive a figure 8 better than that he should be ashamed I would be that ought to fix up the old car

  9. SIMKINETICS says:

    Ah yes… the '70's; America's highlight decade of automotive 'quality'…

  10. P Kuudsk says:

    Makes me miss my spirt and draging my buddy in his grem,beat him every time. Never figured out why AMC went under they built good cars that lasted better than the vega and dam safer than the pinto's and mudstains of that era. Faster too.

  11. DjGodaryD86 says:

    Terrible car so as all the mentioned ones. The love for these cars is quite hilarious, people couldn't afford other vehicles so they were basically tricked to buy this instead  and later lied to them self how great it is and learned to love it. That's the only explanation.

  12. di foo!! says:

    Easily one of the UGLIEST cars ever made. And that's why it's so awesome.

  13. RPM says:

    I owed a 1976 Gremlin with the optional 258 CID engine. It had the optional carpeting and floor shifter, rear window defogger and upgraded interior/exterior trim.

    My Gremlin had terrible fuel economy at 18 mpg highway, rusted worse than most cars, and was hideous in snow or on wet roads but it was durable and cheap to buy. A slightly used one like mine bought in '78 could be picked up for about $1700.

    I owned it until I finished university in '81. Its replacement was a Phoenix sedan, Pontiac's version of GM's X body. Now that automobile made the Gremlin look good.

  14. The song at the beginning sounds like a green day knock off

  15. w41duvernay says:

    I was hoping you would have tested the v8 version of this car. maybe the X Gremlin.

  16. MrBreeze says:

    I Wonder if a Mopar 225 slant six would fit in this car.

  17. Drock says:

    best. episode. ever.

  18. jsplicer9 says:

    hate it or not, it sold decently

  19. gunkyzip says:

    Yes, let's take an obviously beat-up example of a Gremlin that hasn't been serviced since the 1980s and give it to a half-blind moron who can't drive. Indeed, Mr.Squinty, you cannot drive. I've seen other videos on this channel. Please return to your mole hole.

  20. lol at the fact that this video exists

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