Motor Trend Channel – 1961 Willys Wagon Barn Find Fix-up! – Dirt Every Day Ep. 37

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20 Responses

  1. That just goes to show that Chivvy doesn't fit everything. Like some people seem to think it does.

  2. Humor Elite says:

    So that's how he gets around. He steals the Crusher Camaro from Finnegan and Freiburger!

  3. Adam Alward says:

    Does anyone ever do anything besides ls swaps? Be creative, be different. Could've swapped in anything but nope, small block chevy. Way to be lame

  4. Nice! I want one.

  5. john Passero says:

    That's the crusher Camero. Look at the plates

  6. Tim Martin says:

    I love it !!!! I think it is bad ass !!!!

  7. whats up with the pink dude at the end? thats just creepy guys

  8. Anthony Hyde says:

    Nice of them to let Finnegan in on the action there at the last second

  9. An old slow Willys like my dad had in 1960 is a perfect way to see the desert and finds all kinds of lost Craftsman tools.  Low and slow, so you finds every lost screw driver, wrench, or pliers that the dirt bikers loose or the jeep mechanic leaves under the hood… It's better to be lucky the the drive a high end jeep.

  10. SwaffyX says:

    "That is mint right there." Yep, it is him. XD

  11. RainzWolf says:

    Near the end – Undeniable proof of bigfoot.

  12. jeep ika Estanciera In Argentina

  13. Why not just put a big block ford back in? You had to completely gut and rebuild the firewall instead of just rebuilding the engine that would have had more power than the 4.8L.

  14. hell real jeep are from ww2 i own 2 off it an november 43 gpw with originale boddy tub on it,no bull shit md juan and an 7-43 scrit boddy gpw

  15. Casa Del Amo says:

    I would have used an air hammer and do a body lift , instead of cutting the floor out!
    This guy needs someone to show him how not to wreck a nice old truck

  16. Jeff Goers says:

    When Freiburger walks up…

  17. Cool Willy's Fred sound's like you won't be having it for long u better hide if from David lol everyone watch out for that Pink sasquatch he might steal your wrist watch hahaahah Stompin' Tom Connors Sasquatch Song great song

  18. Nick Brown says:

    I love having a good v8 in a jeep. But I think for this one, I never thought I'd say this, but I personally would've probably put a v6 in it. doesn't really require a lot of power for what it's being used for, and would fit easier. But then again, I'd probably hate it after about a year so maybe not.

  19. LoneWolfe says:

    Freibergers' such a creep that I had to get up and put pants on to finish this video.

  20. Bubbibjoern says:

    Even freiburgers son has the thing with the flippers?

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