HumbleMechanic – Volkswagen TDI Fuel Pump Warranty Extension ~ Podcast Episode 79

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7 Responses

  1. VW was covering higher mileage vehicles before this announcement. At least there is a definition of the policy now. Looks like owning a TDI with over 120,000 miles is a risky affair due to the cost of repair. This should also negatively affect resale of higher mileage cars too. It would benefit VW to come up with a more fail-safe fuel system design. If the pump fails, it doesn't create as much collateral damage. Replace the pump, and maybe the injectors and your done. Do you think placing a filter on the fuel return line would minimize the damage?

  2. I have 164,000 miles and I'm second owner. Fudgeeeeee although, I don't know if the fuel guard is installed?

  3. Drew Smith says:

    I picked up a 2010 Jetta TDI in April and the first day I had it I took it to VW to fix all my recalls.

    I opted out of the fueling guard swap because around SC some of the pumps still use larger nozzle around here. So I guess I'm screwed if my fuel pump decides to explode 

  4. slscamg says:

    Got that notice in the mail yesterday for the 2012 Jetta. Why is my 2023 Golf not covered? Did the design change? 

  5. chylos says:

    I have a polo with 1,6 tdi cr engine, should i go to dealer in my country ?

  6. wow 7 thousand dollars dealers are crazy

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