HumbleMechanic – How The VW 2.0T FSI Fuel Pump HPFP Fails

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  1. Today we look at the failure of the 2.0t FSI HPFP, cam shaft, and follower! 

  2. URgh that design does not look solid enough, even with good lubrication there that part will wear, why not a roller follower like it's common in valves rocker arms?.

    i'm hoping you can do the infamous grenading/engineered for self-destruction/need to replace everything fuel-related diesel common rail HPFP fail someday

  3. What!!! Cam shaft failure sounds expensive I like vws but man after watching this series of videos of how parts fail I'm not so sure I want to buy one anymore 

  4. TeddyBearPL says:

    Here is how to do this: /watch?v=1fSJRMvmPDI&t=5m44s
    If you are wondering if this apply to your 2.0T engine. If your engine is belt driven (2005-2009) – yes, chain driven – no.

  5. Great video! I thought, oh no, another common problem for mine but I have the TSI engine 2.0 turbo so I won't get this fault………….will I?

  6. Rick UK says:

    I have a BWA 2.0FSI Am i looking at the same problems??? should i check mine asap??? 

    EDIT: Just been out and checked mine and it looks ok just like the first one in the pic here >

    The pipe clips and nuts didn't look like they had been touched so i would say i was the first in to look 🙂

    looks like good wear for 74500 miles.

  7. Hi man, my car has the code p008b and is high fuel pressure too high or something like that, what could be the cause. 2007 gti 2.0t fsi. Thanks 

  8. I had the follower break and made a hole on the cover So I had to replace them the cover itself at the dealer was 800 That's crazy. 

  9. V10PDTDI says:

    Hi Charles have you seen any failure on the gen 2 with timing chain and roller lifter on the HPFP I personally never seen any yet .?

  10. djabzorb says:

    do 2.0t TSI HPFP video    haha

  11. Racerboy 23 says:

    Can you do a video on altenator pulleys

  12. This was awesome! Very helpful!

  13. labrite34 says:

    thanks for the explanation.

    question: should I lube the outside of the new cam follower in oil, or would you suggest assembly paste? and should the inside of the cam follower (making contact with the HPFP) be dry?

  14. i had my fuel pump (under my back seat) changed last November. cos my 06' vw passat 2.0T keeps going off in the middle of the road. the problem started again in January 2015. so embarrassing. what can i possibly do. car starts again after letting it cool for 20mins.

  15. elleray6 says:

    The gear on my intake cam somehow isn't turning the cam when i try to turn my car over. Basically, whats the best and worst case scenario for my gti?

  16. Ozzaphellah says:

    Hey good work on the euro cars
    I'm having boost issues with my A4 2.0T FSI and was wondering if you can point me in the right direction
    Im about 7 psi low boost
    I know there's 2 fuel sensors on the rail, the maf and map sensor but also the sensor on the hpfp
    The problem is that I don't have a check engine light on my dash
    When stopped at a light I noticed that sometimes the car jumps and then moves but that's about it
    Was just wondering any if these sensors were bad which one would thro a check engine light and which one wouldn't?
    Or any thoughts on this
    Would appreciate

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