EricTheCarGuy – Q-Bond Review and Elvis Repair -EricTheCarGuy

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  1. LEAFNINJA69 says:

    Rock hard in 10seconds. dramatic pause that had me dying

  2. Scotty Kilmer also did a good review on this

  3. Plastex was first – this is cheaper tho.

  4. hahahah rock hard in ten seconds

  5. I always wondered about that stuff. Thanks to you now I know. Looks good!

  6. dbp33 says:

    Hey dude, as you found out the q-bond is not for that type of glueing! Its really best for filling and reinforcing, I love the stuff it's great for fixing broken plastic sprues, holes etc. The glue part is just super glue, its pure cyanoacrylate so very strong, when you run out and still have powder left (as it lasts forever) you can use superglue as long as its good quality and not watered down, in fact you can test how good superglue is by how well it absorbs into the powder! I think the power is a very finely ground plastic, grey and black are the same just different colour.
    It's great stuff, I have drilled it and tapped it to great success and fixed light aluminium parts successfully with it. There are a couple of plastics it doesnt stick to same as superglue I imagine, I always put the powder on first but not too thick as it can set before you can soak it all the way through. With sellotape and blu-tack you can make all sorts of handy shapes etc :)

  7. Tony Rios says:

    Question: Has anyone ever solicited themselves to you in exchange for repairs? 

  8. This stuff works really good. I was repairing a bumper at work the other day and had some drip on my jeans and it ripped my skin off lol

  9. This stuff sounds so much better than Viagra !

  10. allmihi says:

    super glue and baking soda!!!!!!!!

  11. shoulda just put a sheet of fiberglass on the back an glued it on with superglue. that would've been super strong.

  12. furyiiiplate says:

    No Shaky Elvis…. No Views…. Elvis is the King of the Shop. Just don't step on his Blue Suede Shoes.

  13. Jursaw says:

    Anybody else laugh when Eric showed that he broke his arm? lol

  14. veeerzes says:

    DAT Dutch translation at 1:30 :') "Blijf van bereik van kinderen weg".  This is Dutch for: Stay away from the reach of children.

    Ofcourse this should have been "keep out of  reach of children" or "Buiten bereik van kinderen houden". :)

  15. JGonYT says:

    Eric, I use something like this all the time at work- a lot of times to rebuild broken car remote fobs (especially the keychain loop part). What you should have done is put the head on Elvis and then put it face down on the workbench. Then you should have put a line of the powder along the crack and then put a few drops of the glue on it. No clamps and it would be dry instantly.

  16. 24/7 Videos says:

    only $9,95? that's cheap compare to the prices here in the netherlands. our company was asked to sell Q-bond with a retail price of € 36.95 that is almost $ 40,00! i'm glad we didn't buy it! 

    I have tested the product myselve and have to say this stuff works for real! It is a good product.. just don't buy it in the netherlands haha

  17. Love Q-Bond have used it on a few rather old trim piece tabs and to secure a heater control switch on a newer vehicle after it had about 200 pounds of idiot pushed on it, worked wonderful and no complaints. Though the adhesive is meant to go on the crack not used as a filler unless you're missing material.

  18. Hopefully you'll try anything once but parachuteless skydiving lol…

  19. Glad that Elvis is safe!

  20. cubcadet1983 says:

    If you had enough of it you could rebuild that stinking crack dash problem on you Dodge Ram pickups. Those are always broken.

  21. richp38 says:

    Eric, put your parts together first then use glue and powder then put a few drops on powder again

  22. Abunai One says:

    I used something very similar to this product with varying results.  Another product that I used with better success is "Goop" which can be found at local hardware stores.

  23. elvis333 says:

    Eric don't be cruel with that stuff.

  24. farthead4321 says:

    elvis lost his head to drugs

  25. I've used this alot- it is great

  26. happy543210 says:

    just use superglue and baking soda…same result.

  27. This video has basically taught me Eric is not an Elvis fan….

  28. I too, am rock hard within 10 seconds of clicking this video.

  29. TheTallJS says:

    warm water and rubbing alcohol on the glue on your hands

  30. Randy Borges says:

    They should send you jb weld to review hahaha

  31. Im rock hard in 4 seconds

  32. Doomzdayxx says:

    I can vouch for this stuff. It's awesome

  33. hummer3d3d says:

    That q bond looks like a type of Ca Glue, the same stuff you use to construct balsa wood model airplanes with.

  34. Joe Smith says:

    Any suggestions for what to use to bond vinyl and nylon together? Must be able to withstand extreme temps.

  35. 647762816 says:

    You can do the same thing with baking soda and super glue.

  36. Lmao, not even kind of used correctly. Supposed to put pieces together, put powder on back side, drip super glue into powder. It's that easy… I use this stuff on door panels all the time works great!

  37. insylem says:

    Elvis is in the shop and got dirty, but unfortunatly he didn't stay safe since his head and arm broke off.  Don't think he had fun either.  :)

  38. josh33025 says:

    I have this stuff and you should glue the part together with just the glue first because the powder won't let it fit right. Then put some glue on the backside of the crack and then powder and more glue. This is so the powder sticks where you want it. I found it easier to apply the powder by making a small chute out of paper. I like it.

  39. Sam Genesis says:

    glue the two parts together with  liquid glue,, after is dry ,, add the power on to the top of the crack, then  add liquid glue , this will reinforce the joint

  40. Your a funny guy man long live Elvis

  41. Dahlar says:

    Works good when there is missing material, on the elvis clock I would use plain super glue.

  42. Dohn Joe says:

    Eric The Trembling Hands

  43. psdaengr says:

    Qbond seems a lot like a suoerglue version of JB Weld, with one part being granulated powder probably coated with an accelerator. I used JB Weld 30 years ago on a Renault R16 with a broken bracket on the side of the carburetor. Renault had pulled out of the US, making it difficult to get parts, and the car had to get back in service quickly. The temporary fix was still good when the car was scrapped 10 years later. 

  44. crxter says:

    If you get super glue on your finger, wet sand it. no joke, it removes the glue in seconds, and your skin will not be harmed. Also, the best super glue is CA glue found at hobby shops. Very strong glue.

  45. Qbond is an amazing product been using it for a while now and its never failed. works very well on car trip that falls off or laptop repairs,

  46. amjad amj says:

    great report thanks ERIC

  47. AlphaXX44 says:

    That intro shocked me

  48. With all the traffic you get, I can only imagine all the super mechanics from their ivory tower comments you get on a daily basis.  It's like you turn a wrench for years to decades and the multi-verse just shines a light right down making them totally awesome. 

  49. Where did you get that Elvis clock?

  50. atrix blue says:

    have it here in the UK, I used it allot to fix wing mirror casings (don't you just hate it when the black hooks in the mirror snap off due to some not giving a damn driver taking it off squeezing past. simply creat a blob of the black powder and hardner on the snapped ends and reshape new hooks with a file and job done. saves buying a new mirror.

  51. jdmeaux says:

    I've used Q-Bond. It works great, but hell on the fingers.

  52. jules paz says:

    Epic fail eric you are meant to use the powder as reinforcing not glueing. you should've glued first then applied powder on the back then dripped glue to set the powder like weld.

  53. jules paz says:

    Cut a rubber O ring in half with a blade put a spot of just glue on one side. glue together wait 20 seconds then try pull the joint apart. You will be amazed at the strength. Q bond is an amazing product used correctly

  54. SacreDro says:

    Shit when u want the plastic to be as it was before it broke.

  55. erikdude666 says:

    Languages ranging from French to English! As a Canadian thats nothing new to me ahaha

  56. Hello Eric just wanted to say Im a big fan of your videos I try to watch as many because I like working on cars especially mine. Your tutorials and info are really great for me im more of a visual person so watching step by step  really gets me through. Sorry for this  long comment but I appreciate what you do. Keep it up

  57. DJDevon3 says:

    Cool product Eric.  Never heard of Q-Bond before.  Since it's made by the same guys that make JB Qwik and JB Weld probably goes without saying it's some type of epoxy hardener with the filler as the powder.

  58. richv5721 says:

    I would like to see a tool review of Extreme Tools 72 inch Roll Cab and Top Chest. JB Tools sells them. I heard they are better than Snap-on.

  59. Smenny says:

    Should have "glued" two surfaces togheter and tried pulling them apart, check how strong this stuff really is! Seems pretty cool though, think I'm gonna get a set to play around with

  60. Chum joe says:

    This might have been a little easier if you had removed Elvis from the clock and laid him on a flat surface instead of trying to hold his head still.

  61. Chum joe says:

    Elvis was looking ALL SHOOK UP

  62. Pook Atim says:

    You should think of Q-Bond as a "weld" instead of an adhesive.  For the best results on Elvis, you should have placed a strip of tape over the front of the break, laid it down flat, and applied powder and liquid liberally to the back.  After it sets up, it can be sanded flat if you want.  When used this way, the resulting weld is stronger than the plastic.  You are not gluing the pieces together, you are welding them together.

  63. Bobby John says:

    I think the powders are for use where you have a gap to fill or an area to build up. On your Elvis all you needed was the glue /no powder.

  64. urimashe says:

    did not need to use the powder in this application, just glue and stick.

  65. asdreww says:

    I think the best way to join two edges with this stuff, is to cut both edges at 45 degrees so they form a V shape on the reverse, apply some tape to the presentable side of the item, fill the V groove with powder and Q bond.

  66. MattsMotorz says:

    I have used Q-bond to fix all bunch of stuff. Love it!

  67. So basically this would be amazing for removing broken off bolts, as apposed to using a welder to secure the nut to the broken portion. It would be a good test to see how strong it really is… pls try

  68. I really like q-bond i find what works best for me is to clamp the plastic pieces is together flush and then put q-bond powder on the backside to build it up for strength. i find with the powder on the edges the pieces do not sit as flush as possible i notice that there is space in between due to the powder. 

  69. what about powder on one piece then drip glue on other piece then stick them together. so powder and glue don't meet till the piece is in position.

  70. Mouse Tea says:

    Same works with baking soda and crazy glue.

  71. This creeps has been stalking me for months on you tube.  Get a fucking life creep and please move on.

  72. Jeff White says:


    "Rock hard in ten seconds"
    "Can use it to fill holes"
    "I'm gonna go with the black" (he'll never go back)
    "This is my first time…"
    "Let's do it from that backside"
    "When they said ten seconds, they might have meant, like, four. This is instantly hardening up"
    "It got kinda messy in the front"
    "We're here to get dirty"
    "It's been like a minute, maybe, not that long."
    "I didn't wear my rubber gloves."
    "I just got a little drip."
    "I'm curious about the hole-filling properties"
    "I definitely recommend wearing rubber gloves"
    "Man, it is hard already"
    "How hard is it? Well, pretty stinkin' hard"
    "Don't start drippin' stuff on there until you've got things in place and the clamps on there"
    "You're only limited by your imagination"
    "Be safe, have fun, stay dirty, don't forget to play with your tools"

  73. AngeV2 says:

    this is the same as acrylic powder and glue – nail shops use to glue fake fingernails. That stuff mixed in with the supplied acrylic powder is the shitz. I've repaired all sorts of plastic components and used it to mould broken bits. Some require considerable force like stripped turn handles and knobs.
    And only 1/10th price of Qbond.

  74. crazy glue and baking soda lots cheaper

  75. here in Canada we have Rapid-fix,its the same thing really,it's great  stuff, I used it to fix a cracked brass fitting in my compressor and patched a leaky plastic sending unit piece, itwas the only thing that worked for the sending unit, I also used it to fix a cracked gas can, awesome stuff

  76. Johny40Se7en says:

    Good stuff then hey, what is that powder, I'm really curious.

  77. did it wrong , sorry to say. put glue first then sand 

  78. TwistedLogic says:

    What I probably would have done is clamped the two pieces together, poured the filler on the back and then used the cyanoacrylate glue.  

  79. Walter Finch says:

    It's also sandal!

  80. This glue works great. I've glued all kinds of stuff, The company I purchased it had a bolt glued to the counter and has been there for years.  They tried to knock it off the counter with a hammer and it didn't budge. Yeah you should use gloves it loves to stick to your skin. 

  81. mminc81 says:

    I usually use that powder stuff as reinforcement. :)

  82. Mr Merhtin says:

    lol "Elvis Time"

  83. Why use Q-Bond ? Baking soda and thin super glue does exactly the same thing.

  84. I already seent this 1 y dun utoob rekomend 2 me? 

  85. Rich W says:

    Sooo I'm getting ready to ready to seal a pin hole on my 246np transfer case (from the inside) what would you recommend, JB Weld or Q-Bond??? Wish me luck.

  86. Douglas Alan says:

    Get some Acraglas from Brownells and play with it.

  87. What does a head-less Elvis have to do with Q-Bond Adhesive? You'll have to watch this video to find out!

  88. haha my Grandma has the same Elvis clock she got it as a gift from my mom for xmass in 1999-2000

  89. GRowe1978 says:

    Nail polish remover will take super glue off of skin.  So just grab one of the several bottles of nail polish remover you have laying around the garage…

  90. ibanez1403 says:

    Freaking love that Elvis clock , awesome fix LOL

  91. vulkus Banks says:

    If you have cracked motorcycle fairings, QBond is awesome for the repair. The most effective repair though, is when you slightly valley the two pieces to be repaired. As this gives the material somewhere to sit. Shiny plastic like your Elvis clock would have better off being slightly scuffed to 'key' the QBond material.

  92. CMDR Sweeper says:

    This video with the Elvis clock would have been a nice spiral into the ETCG1 video: "You broke it, now what" :D

  93. prs22sg says:

    LOL you killed Elvis.

  94. 737 rlr says:

    Hi Eric, I love your show, it awesome! – Your'e not supposed to get Q-Bond between the parts you want to stick together. "Hold Elvises head in place then pour Qbond powder along the break behind his head and drop a view drops of glue on it "  It will reinforce the Flush Fix. :-)

  95. Eric, I haven't tried Qbond yet, it seems to be a better glue then super glue, and i am told that it is also used by medical doctors to glue together open wounds.  Can you do a comparison on the bond or strength using super glue with baking soda / powder?

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