/DRIVE – Radical Race Truck: Chevy C10R – /BIG MUSCLE

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  1. Nesto P. says:

    What an amazing truck, i want to make a custom like this!

  2. I remember seeing this beast at cars and coffee irvine before it got shut down :(

  3. Betty Cocker says:

    race truck with no roll cage?

  4. volvodaddy82 says:

    I Luv It hands down

  5. trippin916 says:

    Should cut the top a couple inches! nice job tho.

  6. DC Rising. says:

    It's like trying to polish a turd haha.

  7. Dirty D's RC says:

    That is one good looking C10. Absolutely my favourite chevy truck ever. It was born to be a street machine. Bad Ass. 🙂 

  8. Dirty D's RC says:

    Always imagined the C10 as a race truck. Very nice build guys.

  9. Dirty D's RC says:

    Love your show. My favourite is the corolla beeningthat I have a 74 SR5 Corolla that I want to do the same with. :)

  10. iTzMeChucky says:

    I agree, it does "project that image of speed". However, the image of speed with a truck is more so straights line speed rather than race truck/grippy truck. All said and done this truck definitely handles better than a standard truck but the weight and center of gravity will never compare to a car that is built to do the same. 

  11. I remember seeing this truck when it was just a sketch on pro-touring. com. My eyes just about popped out of my head when I saw that Drive did a video on it. Freaking love this truck.

  12. Looks cool, sounds cool, sweet truck

  13. isaiah213 says:

    Awesome C10 i bet that truck out perform a exotic on the track

  14. tyvek05 says:

    I had to give this a thumbs down because the majority of the video is just a guy driving the truck around and then a few short snippets talking to lady that owns it about what they were thinking about when building,  BUT you NEVER actually get into the truck itself.  come on stop just driving it around corners and show off the build of the truck!!!!   and for the love of god, if this is a race truck SHOW US FOOTAGE OF IT ON THE TRACK!!  this was a huge fail on your part.

  15. She's beautiful good work on the build. 

  16. paul chorniy says:

    To educate kids and to bring pro choice to the public ??? Is that what I heard ? Honestly I didn't check to see if that's what was said, fuck it.
    And BtW leave them kids alone , we don't need brainless kids crashing, FF7 will do that for them.
    And no it's far not the first race truck out there what r u talking about c10 are known and popular
    Not to mention u guys showed a gmc four wheel drive performance truck tuned (speaking trucks generally)

  17. Mark Salinas says:

    This is a badass truck! 

  18. Wait… what? This is an LS1 making 570hp? Naturally-aspirated? Pushrods making 100hp/litre? Plus there's a hell of a whine that makes me think supercharger…

  19. Back wing is crooked

  20. acenday1 says:

    That truck honestly gave me a erection!

  21. Gringo Tom says:

    Glad to see that drive+ rubbish gone! Time for me to re subscribe after a year away

  22. The C10..Pure Sex. And Automotivation, I like that. Props to you folks! Respect.

  23. halleffect1 says:

    are the suspension details a secret?

  24. Jay Cass says:

    now that was awesome.  something different.  especially trucks!  I see the pagani zonda R look~!

  25. fakie180 says:

    cool ass truck, but where are all the specs?

  26. ur mum says:

    That Camaro is fucking beautiful..

  27. hevy C-10 / Ford F100 = Best Trucks Ever Made!

  28. eeemanyo says:

    She's a boss! I like her taste

  29. Yes! Love this. My '94 S10 is going to go this route and I really want to get into auto cross with it. It is my dd though so can't go full retard race truck like this sweet ride. I'm wanting to theme it off the Messerschmitt ME 262, as the 4.3 liter Vortec V6 is 262 c.i. One day I'll drop a 350 in there, but my V6 will serve for now. These people have lots of money for their toys. Not me. Lmao.

  30. Eric Jackson says:

    Very cool idea!
    I have a vision for my 1984 GMC High Sierra as well. Keep up the cool work.

  31. korey1033 says:

    very cool looking truck, but balance the props on the quadcopter to reduce the jello you are getting

  32. Brian Noll says:

    This truck blows my mind! I love it

  33. i want a free tour

  34. Steveraxx says:

    "It hadn't been done before…" Of course it has all been done. This is a four-wheel vehicle. You did not invent anything new. Other than this vehicle being a truck, big deal. Your attempt to make it appear as if something extraordinary was done is just silly.

  35. Bad ass c10 !!!!!!!! I love it….. the wing is not for me but it's not a true auto cross car with out it so it stays…… I feel it's a winner all across the board 

  36. Ed Y. says:

    Girl, it's not passion that's missing it's money

  37. Very awesome truck. Great video guys!

  38. Louis Yunker says:

    Love what these guys are doing with trying to get the younger generation into cars and trucks. As a 15 year old I have nobody to talk to about my biggest interest. Also nobody in my generation like american muscle to I would love some people to love some square bodies.

  39. SlowEarl1 says:

    killed it nice job!!

  40. Beautiful build.. I love these old trucks.

  41. stvmcr says:

    don't put it on the track whatever you do…

  42. fanghicheck says:

    L S 1  that helps but how much does it weigh ?

  43. that is the cools customs truck I ever seeing . great find BM .

  44. The 67-72 chevy rear truck arm suspension is what they use in Nascar to this day and the front suspension is very similar to the gm a and g body stuff. There have been tubular a arms and coil over kits for these trucks for along time. These trucks are very popular I have owned a few the aftermarket is huge for them. I also noticed the front sway bar on this truck is used a lot on mega lifted trucks big brakes are also an easy find. I think it's a cool truck but it's not like they created the next space shuttle.

  45. JC Image Inc says:

    That wing does not look good at all.

  46. Peak says:

    Can't stop watching this!

  47. It might not have all the traits as a Pagani but at least it was built not bought right off the shiny showroom floor this thing beats the Pagani in looks by a ton. The Zonda is just another hyper car.

  48. Love them 1969 Chevy trucks .awesome 

  49. OneBad88S10 says:

    Badass truck but that wing is HIDEOUS 

  50. I like the truck its bad arse. thinking the similar thing for my86 falcon ute

  51. Auto cross monster. Hate the wing, even tho it creates much needed down force on this truck I would put a lip on it, instead of this park bench. However. EPIC fucking build. Thing just screams rub your genitals on me

  52. reddsun1 says:

    This truck is missing only one thing: a trailer hitch.  😛 

    If the owners really wanted to make a statement and rattle some cages, picture this: come pulling into the paddock on this thing towing a trailer with nothing on it except a lock-box (appropriately sized) and some spare wheels & tires.  When time comes to get out on track, just unhitch the C10R, mosey on over to the lock-box and open 'er up, take out said splitter and wing to mount them up, then proceed to the false grid and start blowing some minds.

  53. Tony Redden says:

    First of all, I faved this video!! Second, did he say a viper motor was in it!!!? WELL, there goes my IDEA of a viper motor in a Chevy! But a later model…like the 88-98 trucks! AWESOME JOB on the build!!

  54. Angel U says:

    what is this guying taking about?? all i hear is ENGINE

  55. shoes121255 says:

    Because race truck.

  56. Lord Beerus says:

    They should put some sound proof padding inside…its too noisy

  57. whats the name of the song at the end of the video?

  58. FlybyJunkie says:

    About the spoiler… ya, it might be beneficial, but without it, that truck would look sooooo badass

  59. 7eis says:

    The whole 'this truck is the first one build to handle' BS is nonsense.

  60. henry hayes says:

    why is mike in black and white?!?! HAHA

  61. Wow all the comments are pretty negative for this video. 
    The truck's beautiful. I've never seen anything like it. Very Mad Max. I'd love to own one.

  62. stshort500 says:

    Absolutely BITCHIN!!!!!

  63. Bill Pence says:

    really great video and great truck!  they seem like a really cool couple as well.

  64. Nice trucks C10R, and this truck it look like datsun 620 and sunny lol!

  65. dirty truck. video is stupid. i dont care about people talkin. just show me the truck

  66. Rich P says:

    It has the lines of a brick, and now the reason it exists (the bed) has been taken away.  Lame.  Completely lame.  PS -Nice wing, BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  67. Glenn Walker says:

    you got my vote and i like what you,re trying to do keep up the good work.

  68. this is the most beautiful looking and sounding Chevy c10 i have seen. i LOVE seeing truck hot rods these are just so nice.

  69. Que curado el carro

  70. Que machin el carro tuning

  71. W-3-I-R-D-0 says:

    Im sorry can you repeat that….the truck was purring over you.

  72. Anthony Pino says:

    Roof needed chopped….

  73. Mo Train says:

    Now that's a dope C10R! If I could afford it, I would have built something similar using a 1970 or 1972 Chevy truck. Until then I will keep dreaming and drooling over your truck. Great work and I love the idea behind what u guys are trying to do. "Thumbs up"

  74. Taking something that's basically a block of wood???, you have got to be on Bath Salts ya' goose!

  75. driver bdr says:

    That truck is featured in the new "Pro Touring" magazine. Gold wheels are cool choice and a well built truck.

  76. Ken Wright says:

    So I was watching this wondering how in the world they were going to get anything other than massive understeer on this thing.  335's on the front!  Okay, that should do it!  Great looking truck.

  77. This makes me miss my old single cab short bed 1980 C10…had it all throughout highschool and got me to all of my jobs up until last year when I finally sold it…I used to call it my "Muscle-Truck" because although it didn't look like the prettiest thing on the block, it had a good V8 that I spent every spare moment I had tuning up just right…oh well, now I have my big lifted F150 which is much more practical when you live in a place that used to be a swamp and frequently floods

  78. MrGdbsti05 says:

    This truck was at the good guys car show in the auto cross. It did ok but the blue nova was the best 

  79. dstrong11 says:

    There's many after market parts for C10s… Many lol I know I spend around $600 a week on mine buying any and everything you can imagine…

  80. andrewt248 says:

    I want a C-10R. When can we expect them to arrive at dealerships?

  81. Josue Paz says:

    The audio was horrible in the truck 

  82. yes…….beautifull footage, awesome C10, …………………. but you need to drive that thing faaaaaast…without music, just engine sound……,..check out this video and learn how:     2CV NIMIK: Capristo's Sound.

  83. Tommy1198S says:

    Is Mike talking into a coke can?

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