/DRIVE – A Dangerous 7.4-mile Sprint to the Clouds – /LAUNCH CONTROL: S02E08

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  1. Boss drifter says:

    Damn that narrators voice is so nice

  2. Amazing episode!

  3. RFAHS says:

    didn't expect to get emotional watching that but I actually did. besides the Isle of Man I think rally racing is the next greatest sport ever

  4. Very cool. Love the Higgins run. Had my heart pounding.

  5. Dang I had 88 bps during Higgins's run

  6. Thank god I'm not the co-driver in dyslexic AF!!!
    He would off had crashed before the race even started ! 

  7. where is higgins flag from??

  8. nic kent says:

    rally drivers… best drivers on the planet.

  9. Will C says:

    Ahhhh, breakfast and Launch Control, perfect. 

  10. i will take a morgan there someday.beautiful roads and great video tnx

  11. Julian Uribe says:

    I love Launch Control so much. Please never stop this.

  12. well done higgis and subaru ,funny when redbull punchers and that chick says it had to happen the way you dum azz r driving—and the dude only says, really.

  13. DrPilotRedC says:

    Take it easy with the intense music would ya?

  14. FLU RIDA says:

    Full metal lol

  15. whats the difference between hillclimb and rally?

  16. Draggis92 says:

    Great video!

  17. MithroJin says:

    People always talk about how brave rally drivers are… But it takes real balls to be the damn passenger looking down reading through all that shit life in someone else's hands.

  18. Stev3 says:

    Holy crap….that was amazing

  19. I am soooo playing Dirt Rally when I get home tonight.

  20. Timotheedle says:

    great great footage

  21. rex8499 says:

    You're getting me all confused by publishing old Launch Control videos!  This video came out about a year ago on Subaru's channel!

  22. Subieguy14 says:

    i keep getting excited for the new episode for season 3. why do you keep trolling me with this old stuff!?!?!

  23. Brap Brap says:

    That takes some serious balls…

  24. Adam Silc says:

    I feel like a co-driver would annoy me haha, talking in my ear while im trying to concentrate

  25. ownTer says:

    Just an amazing series. Mad i had not found it sooner! Thank you!

  26. Ball size over 9000!!!!!

  27. This is hardcore driving by Pros, even with more weight and restricted turbo but they still overcome it

  28. I have been a fan of rally racing since Audi use to dominate the  Rally B circuit.
    I also am into everything involving Mount Washington, as my Dad worked at the summit for 38 years.

  29. DALE DENTON says:

    holy fucking shit!

  30. indigoBIue says:

    this is crazy, those guys are absolutely mental. respect

  31. Brilliant video, wish there were more like it!

  32. Doughbodyboy says:

    ok when he said the super chicken i lost it. that shit is hilarious. but great video!!!

  33. kseries1981 says:

    I'm really digging this Launch Control series. Keep it up!

  34. Why is drive uploading Launch Controls old videos? Paid placements? Need the views? Can't come up with their own content? 

  35. My favorite road in the world, can't wait for it to open soon! 

  36. Adam Dean says:

    That's really Awesome! 

  37. Dave T says:

    epic, thanks drive

  38. gerbiepiep says:

    Subaru Impreza, a car that delivers.
    Congrats to the driver and co drivers for the awesome performance!

  39. niiice… and great job that co-driver!!

  40. GhillieLand says:

    Best episode yet

  41. vivigeos says:

    Better not get dry mouth when you're the co-driver!

  42. Why are they team usa when they are both British 

  43. Awesome, that was so exciting!

  44. Grisham D says:

    I think Sebastien Loeb would be better at this sprint

  45. FunkyBear says:

    More I see, More I like these Launch control. I really Like Drew and Higgins

  46. Bane Fitness says:

    It takes some balls to drive like this on a cliff roads

  47. R8power says:

    Great narrative!

  48. So that's what super heroes do with their spare time..

  49. does anyone know why they restrict the turbos and added weight?

  50. dtc2424 says:

    Why are they showing the 2014 season?! Shouldn't they be showing the 2015 season?! 

  51. KirillVL says:

    That was amazing.

  52. CarNut says:

    Can anyone give any insight on what their pace notes mean? I've always been curious

  53. These guys are fucking legends man. Just incredible not one just perfect every line was perfect and the speeds that they were at at all points it's just insane!

  54. JoshuaM says:

    Pretty Sick.

  55. OMFG the Super Chicken

  56. I love the addition of racing history, it conveys an insight to how far drivers and vehicles have advanced! From steam to bio fuels, hybrid racing, etc.

  57. Tumbox says:

    Song from 10:52 to finish line?

  58. That was just…. Amazing 

  59. Johnny Moses says:

    Man, this one gave me chills. So awesome

  60. Is the narrator the same from all access?

  61. Kyle Tietjen says:

    This dude could narrate grass growing and I wouldn't be able to stop watching. 

  62. They averaged 72.2 MPH up the hill.  Let that sink in.

  63. Cole Robbins says:

    "6288 ft above sea level…"
    Pikes Peak Hillclimb starting elevation:  9,390 ft
    Still looks pretty cool though, and elevation isn't everything.

  64. Mcloven5044 says:

    what kind of gear box do they use ?

  65. Is a co-pilot mandatory or something? I seriously doubt any of the veterans NEED it, they pretty much have the course memorized. Basically it's just 110 pounds of extra weight for no reason lol.

  66. CaboPreto BR says:

    that was beautiful…

  67. Cole Robbins says:

    "Predates both by years…" I'm pretty sure that this event has been held so sparingly (23 times in over 100 years) that it doesn't really count. Pikes Peak has been held every single year except maybe in the 40s due to the war (92 runnings and soon to be 93 this year.)

  68. Esto si que es una subida.

  69. Two questions:

    1) Is that the tranny or a charger that makes the chirping noise when listening to them from the outside while change gears?

    2) The co-driver, what is he actually saying? I havent been able to decipher what the codriver is actually saying yet.

  70. This is insane. And the Dashboard cam show's how close they approach the edges of the road on Slaloms and L-R 3/4 turns….

  71. Frietpan says:

    co driver sounds anoying as f

  72. Boss Kat says:

    That was so intense

  73. Zygrene says:

    Why are there flat tires in almost every episode so far in this series? Can't the tires be designed to minimize chance of punctures?

  74. Good stuff and some fantastic views!

  75. Iam Brian says:

    that 6.09 run take real belly…wow!!!

  76. blahblah2018 says:

    Drew was on point!

  77. Just awesome, making me want to play Dirt 3 so bad!

  78. 16countach says:

    well done Higgins !!! thumbs up for the Manxman (y) (y)
    Awesome, awesome event !!! its more as a rally stage than a hillclimb.
    and have to say, that the track have character of many of the Manx roads, so Dave must have feel half as home :)

  79. enigmaPL says:

    Cool film. Well produced, fun to watch. Cool event, and what an amazing road, that has to be a bucketlist road to drive on, even if not competitively. 

    Keep up the good work.

  80. batsman46 says:

    the voice of the co-driver is so annoying :(

  81. Craig is pronounced Crayg, not Creg. Grrr.

  82. Sean Walsh says:

    whats the vent on the roof for? Downforce?

  83. bmx687 says:

    God i love that smooth leathery smokey voice of the narrator

  84. Ashish Mohan says:

    I didn't know these cars had horns!

  85. was a great time glad I went

  86. Jack Perkins says:

    I wonder if monster Tajima could break the record?

  87. Stelf101 says:

    Did he just say "home to the world's worst weather"? Wow instant dislike, come on!

  88. lol at that flappy hawkeye

  89. Subaru at its finest 

  90. I want to see what they can do with their new chasis

  91. Bruno Celso says:

    Equipe #Subaru batendo mais um recorde no #Dirt #Rally

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