briansmobile1 – The Tire Valve Stem Video

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  1. Wednesday isn't over yet! I made it! This vids a little different in that I actually wrote and read a stink'n script that I spent too much time on and then made a list of the things I wanted to take a picture of and film and then put it together like a puzzle. It took longer to do, but at least it has some flow and some segway about it. Oh, and the brown spit near the end, that was M&M's chocolate…. but ya, it looks GROSS! Sorry.

  2. IncogInfidel says:

    I don't know why, but I thought this video was going to be about the stems on valves(engine valves).

  3. who would have thunk one could put so much information about valve stems in a 5 minute video

  4. fargley001 says:

    Amazing timing – I had been searching amazon for the best reviews on a TR600HP type schrader.   I'm replacing my 3500 RAM tires, which are load range "E" and rated up to 3195 lbs @ 80 psi  (sidewall crack defect on the OEMS).   Tire shops dont carry HP valves, so I am purchasing my own.  Just as you point out, 65psi is the limit for snap-in.  Incidentally, it seems easier to get a clamp-on type valve, as there seems to be a greater variety out there.   One thing about clamp ons, if you have a recess or clear area on the rim to permit an external clamp on, get those.   You must break the bead to install them, but you can retighten them while the tire is mounted – just in case they leak.   This is the second time, Brian, that you've posted a video on a topic that I was actively researching.    Last time was the gambrel roof. Thanks again for the videos.

  5. Brian I gave you a thumbs up but much admit the spitting part kind of got to me, probably should not have watch it three times.

  6. LCCharlie says:

    Brian, isn't your "The Tire Valve Stem Video" a remake of the 1974 classic "The Schrader Valve Files"?  Seems familiar to me.

  7. GigaDonk says:

    I like the all metal ones because they don't flex when you're putting air in it.
    Seems like they'll last forever.

  8. Curiosity says:

    Nice work on this video!

  9. Lots to know about these little things and I always have good stock of the TR-413s. I love the random added videos you throw in all the time. Thanks again for yet another shout out and Mr Schrader would be proud.

  10. Very cool. We had some old farm equipment tires on bush hogs, the dodge ram couldn't even break the bead. We had to burn the tires off the rims, but it was fun trying.

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